Gorilla Technology Group Concluded a Successful 2022 by Expanding Its Security Convergence Offering Into the Mena Region, Future Growth and Success.

A government agency of a Middle Eastern nation developing Smart Cities has expressed its intent to engage Gorilla to implement an extensive cybersecurity workaround for one or more cities under development, according to a global provider of AI-based edge video analytics, Intelligent systems, and cybersecurity. Final details are still being negotiated, but Gorilla anticipates signing a deal and starting execution during first part of 2023. The proposed project will significantly boost the company’s projected revenue for 2023.

Being terms of its recently launched globalisation plan targeting Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, this agreement marks Gorilla’s first client win in a new market.

Promoting the Gorilla Plan

The agreement promotes Gorilla’s plan to broaden their geographic reach by including the MENA area while becoming a world leader in AI-based cybersecurity and video analytics.

This opportunity propels Gorilla up the cybersecurity market’s value chain, making it one of the top international suppliers of cutting-edge AI-based information security & analytics. With government spending on infrastructure and the expansion of smart cities, we are witnessing a rise in the demand for cybersecurity and surveillance globally.

We want to actively pursue chances to create safe cities on the basis of our security convergent portfolio as part of our ongoing commercial growth in the MENA area. With this strategically significant market debut, our efforts to go worldwide are taking off, according to Jay Chandan, chairman and CEO of Gorilla.

Our globalisation plan has advanced significantly in 2022, and we are encouraged by our progress as we begin the new year with a healthy pipeline for 2023.

Other achievements for Gorilla in 2022 include:

Merging with Global SPAC Holdings in July to become a publicly traded company on Nasdaq

After founder Dr. Spincer Koh retired, Executive Chairman Jay Chandan was appointed CEO to guide the business through its next phase of expansion.

Through targeted acquisitions of complementary technology, advancing its strategy to become a world leader in innovative AI video analysis and security convergence solutions.

Expanding its executive leadership through the appointments of Hee-Won Choi as global head, Dr. Rajesh Natarajan as chief operating officer, and Daphne Huang as chief financial officer Taiwan’s general manager is HR and business veteran Max Lin.With regards to Gorilla Technology Group Inc.

Gorilla is a leading global provider of intelligence and analysis, network intelligence, business intelligence, and IoT technology solutions with its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Enterprise Security, Smart Retail, and Smart Cities are just a few of the solutions that Gorilla develops. In addition, Gorilla offers government agencies, telecom firms, and private businesses a comprehensive Security Convergence Platform with networking monitoring and cyber security.

Gorilla prioritises providing cutting-edge technology, knowledgeable support, and exact delivery while also guaranteeing top-tier, intelligent, and cutting-edge AI solutions that help clients increase operational productivity and effectiveness. Gorilla will supply cutting-edge AI solutions to system integrators, dealers, technology providers, and hardware manufacturers while continuing to develop its core technology.

There will be no sale of securities in any jurisdictions where such an offer, sale, or exchange would be prohibited before enrollment or certification under the securities act of any such jurisdictions. Nor does this press release constitute an offer to buy or exchange any securities, nor does it constitute the solicitation of an offer to do so.

Future-Looking Remarks

Forward-looking remarks, which are based on projections, assumptions, and expectations, are included in this press release. Actual outcomes and performance may be materially and unfavourably different from those projected in forward-looking statements. Except as required by law, Gorilla does not assume any choice but to change any forward-looking statements.

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