To Know the Reason Behind Why Gandalf is Able to Help Theo Deb but Not Denethor!! Read This Article.

Why Gandalf can Help Theoden But Not Denethor?   

One of the most successful ways Tolkien uses in his jotting is to use incongruities within opposing characters, to demonstrate where their choices will lead.

There are numerous exemplifications throughout the Lord of the Rings trio, where two characters are presented with the same choice, and one makes the wrong decision,

acting as an exemplary tale that shows the terrible desolation of this incorrect decision, while the other chooses the right path, and ends in triumph and festivity.

The stylish exemplifications of this include Boromir and Fara mir, both sons of Gon dor, both mortal men who are presented with the occasion to try to take the One Ring and use it to cover their people.

On the one hand, Boromir succumbs to this terrible temptation, tries to take the ring from Frodo, and eventually ends up losing his life because of it.

lets Frodo go, and eventually saves Middle Earth by letting the ring-deliverer complete his hunt to destroy it.

And it’s not just Men who are faced with these choices, these incongruities go from the lowest beings( hobbits) right up to the most important beings( wizards).

Another brace of contraries who show what paying into desire and hubris means are Gandalf the Grey and Saruman the white.

At this point, Saruman has formerly fallen into darkness and his rapacity is beyond redemption, which results in him ultimately losing Isen’s guard,

fleeing to contrive an evil scheme in The Shire, and also being boggled by Grima Worm’s tongue.

On the negative, Gandalf chooses to stay pious to his musketeers and his Istari charge, to help relieve the world of wrong,

for which he’s granted the capability to come back as Gandalf the White, and ends up being the idol of numerous people’s lives.

Gandalf is the rescuer of the utmost of the crucial characters in one form or another, but maybe his most notable death of wrong is that of freeing King Theoden

Theoden himself presents another contradiction of characters, with his counterpart being Denethor of Gon dor.

So why also is Gandalf suitable to save and redeem one but not the other? Both autocrats of the separate fiefdoms are suffering a terrible sickness of the mind.

When the followership first comes across Theoden in the Two Towers, he’s a withered man, aged beyond his times, who has abandoned his nice and whoreson and seems unmoved by the death of his only son.

He’s easily being manipulated by his perverse and cunning counsel Worm tongue, who has poisoned his studies and body with Saruman’s magic.

Luckily Gandalf is suitable to relieve him of this awful curse in a stunning display of power in his new form as a white wizard, and Theoden returns to himself and his senses and rises to be the king that his people have demanded him to be.

Tolkien is successful in his jotting by demonstrating the consequences of wrong choices through incongruities between characters. This allows readers to see the terrible desolation that can come from making incorrect decisions. While some characters make the right choices and triumph, others suffer greatly for their decisions. Gandalf is a character who demonstrates this idea well, as he is able to save Theoden but not Denethor.

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