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Android Auto Has Been Causing Some Issues for Google Maps Users, but Thankfully We Have Several Solutions to Help Ease the Stress.

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Android Auto typically outperforms the normal infotainment systems provided by automakers in that it offers a wide range of apps and brings pertinent information from the smartphone to the dashboard. Unfortunately, a sizable portion of Android Auto owners is now having problems with GPS disconnect, which can make it dangerous to drive when something goes wrong and requires you to shift your attention away from the road to solve it.

The Looking GPS message has been sporadically displaying on Auto users’ screens whilst the car is operating for the past week.

According to complaints on the Android Auto subreddit as well as the support forum via 9to5Google, the problem typically occurs when the location permissions for Google Maps are set to Allow only while using the app and can also lead to blocking the GPS pointer from one’s true position. It appears that there is a problem because of how Android Auto retrieves location information because Maps functions flawlessly when used on a phone.

However, some creative folks have come up with several fixes that might just make things better. Start by disabling the Google Maps app’s battery optimization if you only sometimes run across this problem. This guarantees that while the screen is off, the app will not be stopped after starting as a background process. Going is still a choice.

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On your phone, navigate to Settings -> Location -> App area permissions, pick Google Maps, and then select Always allow. as an alternative. If you’ve observed that starting Maps resolves the GPS searching for GPS issue, then this might be the solution.

You could wish to try Google’s alternative navigation app, Waze since the issue only appears to affect the pairing of Android Auto with Google Maps. Although it has a somewhat different interface from Maps, customers claim that it somehow works well with Android Auto and has many other features in common with Maps, so you’ll fit in nicely. The problem is still relatively new, but Google hasn’t yet acknowledged it or offered a lasting solution.

Numerous issues with the service are frequently encountered by Android Auto customers. Recently, numerous customers complained that the navigation service Waze frequently crashes them.

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And now, a different navigation service on the platform is giving some users problems. A subset of Google Maps customers are complaining about problems using GPS signals with Android Auto 1, 2, and 3

Users claim to have experienced instances in which Google Maps suddenly lost its GPS and displayed ‘searching for GPS signal’.

To fix this issue, at minimum from your end, there are a few potential remedies you can attempt.

By altering some Google Maps settings, one of those impacted was able to solve it. Consequently, you may try it out and see if it works.

While this was happening, some people were able to repair it by disabling Optimized battery utilization in the settings. So, if the previously suggested workaround wasn’t successful, users could attempt this one.

In addition, Google provides some official troubleshooting instructions in case your GPS signal suddenly disappears in Google Maps. Visit them here to see them.

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