Gone Too Soon, Ken Block Dies in Snowmobile Crash Days After Jeremy Renner Snow Plow Accident

At the age of 55, Ken Block, a renowned rally racer who later gained notoriety online for his daring driving techniques, passed unexpectedly. A participant of something like the Hoonigan Racing Division was crushed under his snowmobile in Utah and was declared deceased on the spot.

On Monday, the news was confirmed by his team, Hoonigan Racing. They disclosed that Ken Block died in a snowmobile-related accident. The snowmobile turned over and landed on top of Block, based on the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office in Utah. Block has been riding on a steep slope.

The fans were startled by this tragic news. They tweeted their remembrance and messages of peace.

Only three days into the new year, there have already been two snow-related tragedies.

Too soon gone! Again for late Ken Block, tributes are flooding in!

With the help of his well-liked Gymkhana stunt series, Ken Block amassed millions of YouTube subscribers. The Top Gear and YouTube celebrity, who Hoonigan Motorsports has referred to as a visionary, a leader, and an icon, has received tributes from several people. The tragic news of his demise was confirmed in a statement from the corporation. On January 2nd, they made a social media announcement.

We regret to inform you that today’s snowmobile accident resulted in Ken Block’s death.

Ken was also a visionary, an idol, and a trailblazer. And last but not least, he was a husband and a great father. He is going to be sorely missed. One should respect the family’s need or necessity for privacy at this difficult time.

The condolences on social media were led by Karen, a rally driver, who tweeted: Can’t believe you are gone. In the space of a moment. a legendary father, husband, and parent. I’ll miss you a lot. Former Olympic cyclist and current race driver Sir Chris Hoy sent Block a photo of himself. Heard the news this morning and was shocked and devastated.

What a tragedy, said photographer Aditya Venkatesh. We are grateful that you gave an entire generation a sense of speed and excitement.

The sad incident had placed on Block’s ranch in Wasatch County, Utah. Block, who began his rallying career in 2005, also took home the Rookie of the Year honor from the Rally America Championship. He competed in World Rally Championship, and in the X Games, he even earned several medals for rallycross.

The Star of Top Gear died brutally in a snowmobile crash!

The jewel was lost. One of the few Americans to receive World Rally Championship points is Ken Block. His social media presence, together with his achievements in motorsports, helped him gain notoriety. In a message sent to its official Twitter account, the WRC-FIA World Rally Championship offered its sympathies to Ken Block’s family and friends.

Action sports were a passion of Block’s, and in contrast to rally car racing, where he usually finished on the podium, he also competed in motocross skateboarding, UTV driving, competitive snowboarding, and snowmobile.

He was well-known on social media with 2 million YouTube subscribers and 7.5 million Instagram followers. In 1994, he and his business partner Damon Way created DC Shoes. Unfortunately, Ken Block has left behind a remarkable legacy in the automotive industry, including the Hoonigan, the Gymkhana videos we both like, and so much more. He will be sorely missed.

Ken Block, rip!

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