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Dead by Daylight Teaser Release (Chapter 26) November 2022!

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Behaviour Interactive has officially ongoing teasing the next big thing for Dead by Daylight. Chapter 26 is in the works true now, and it’s named Forged in Fog. All we have to go off of for this chapter is the rapid teaser video above, along with the following blurb:

#A dark piece of history, forgotten no longer. Revisit an upsetting age in Dead by Daylight’s novel Chapter: Forged in Fog.

You’ll have a bit of time to hazard about this teaser and what’s next, as Behaviour won’t be sharing more facts until November 1st, 2022. As Dead by Daylight fans are about of the most dedicated out there, I’m sure big shot will be able to glean all sorts of details from this teaser.

Dead by Daylight Teaser Release (Chapter 26)

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action/horror game anywhere one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your box is to sacrifice as many Survivors as likely. As Survivors your goal is to work calmly to evade, escape, and most prominently – stay alive.

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The Halloween season is a creative time for Behaviour Interactive. The company has previously announced a collaboration with New State Mobile then PUBG, and now it has released a video on social media to tease fans about imminent Dead by Daylight content. The teaser doesn’t comprise a lot of information, but more details are profitable to be revealed soon. The teaser ends with a capacity to share more on November 1.

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While there isn’t any instructive content in the teaser, there is something to attract from the video – it is a teaser, afterward all. The video simply shows a rusty-looking battered then bloodied sword, perhaps a zweihander type of weapon with spiky edges. It is accompanied by a background of detached embers and a metallic sound, likely bent by a hammer and anvil.

Traditionally new Chapters in Dead by Daylight have carried along a new-fangled Killer and a new Survivor. One can accept that this sword is the weapon equipped by the imminent Killer in Dead by Daylight.

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The video has been common on Twitter with the title “beneath plated steel lies unspeakable horror,” which suggests that this new Killer might be a death caballero of sorts. There are no teasers about the upcoming Survivor that joins an extensive list of characters or the new Perks that will probably be introduced as well. These and additional information about the update are with a bit of luck included in the November 1 reveal.

While Behaviour hasn’t given authorized details of the upcoming Killer, this isn’t the first time the Knight character has spoken about it. The prominent Twitter handles DBDLeaks, which attention to Dead By Daylight-related leaks and news, thorough a Knight Killer alongside a yet unknown Survivor previous this year. As players wait for more news, they can cranium to play the Halloween-themed Dead by Daylight event, Haunted by Daylight.

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