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Watch Dogs 2, Street Fighter V & Hello Neighbour Added For July List On PS Now

Sony’s PS Now service has been firing on all cylinders lately with constant updates and content being added to the game. Moreover, with the majority of folks focussing on social distancing, the numbers are bound to grow. Taking complete advantage of the situation, the service has added 3 new games to its July arsenal available to both stream and download.

As of today, Watch Dogs 2, Street Fighter V and Hello Neighbour are set to make their way to the PS Now library. Hello Neighbour itself focusses on a more horror-themed environment with players breaking in their neighbour’s house to uncover what dark secrets lie behind.

While the concept is pretty much understood in the horror genre, the game takes advantage of its indie graphics and unique narration. Furthermore, Streetfighter itself needs no introduction. The game’s been one of the best arcades of the decade and is always enjoyable no matter what time or place.

Watch Dogs 2, on the other hand, another AAA title that needs no introduction. The game is definitely one of the more interesting choices since Ubisoft plans on handing out free copies for folks tuning in their stream. However, having it on the PS Now is beneficial for both PS4 users as well as PC users.

Since not many prefer having to download a full-sized game, PS Now offers a reliable alternative for folks with eligible internet speeds.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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