Cyrus Dobre’s Unexpected Divorce Announcement Shakes 2023: A Shocking Turn of Events

Apologetic, Cyrina fans. Cyrus Dobre and his wife Christina Kawamoris-Dobre have ended their two-year marriage. The social media stars released a novel video on their joint channel Cyrus and Christina skimpy to fans that they broke up.

The couple first started dating in 2017 and got married in 2018. So, why did they split?

If fans shadow both Cyrus and Christina on other social media platforms, the movies of the pair have been deleted. The two both explained in the video why they definitely to delete their photos together. It’s previously hard enough,” Christina said.

Nevertheless, the couple both stated that they didn’t want to necessarily split, the singer-songwriters also requested that they “needed it.”

Cyrus Dobre Getting Divorce In 2022

Cyrus Dobre
Cyrus Dobre

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The exes are going to last focusing on their projects and business ventures post-split. Cyrus will last be working on music and Dobre Brothers while Christina will pole YouTube videos to her channel.  Fans react to the news that YouTuber Cyrus besides Christina split.

After the former couple sent the video to their channel, fans were quick to comment about their split. “It’s truly sad. I really love both of you and even more as a pair and I hope you could work clothes out, but sometimes it’s for the best,” remarked one fan.

Additional wrote: “I love you, Christina then Cyrus, and I respect whatever choices that you guys brand together!”

While some fans of whitethorn are heartbroken that #Cyrina is no more, others were rapid to accuse the YouTubers of manufacturing a breakup video strictly for attention.

The video is monetized and impartial over 10 minutes. You didn’t even try to hide how fake money clutch this is. So honest and courageous,” one discrete posted.

Additionally, a fan pierced out, “This is a prank only because when Cyrus supposed this wasn’t a prank Christina rested over and kind of mumbled and said yes, it is like if you proverb that too…”

Fans sustained to flood the comments section with posts about how they supposed the “break up” is not a real thing. I stopped charming it seriously when he said ‘It’s not a prank, additional writer.

Cyrus Dobre
Cyrus Dobre

While fans continue to question the legitimacy of the YouTube couple’s video, one individual generally quantified how fed up they were with “break up” videos. “Is this actually what YouTube couples do to wallop these beings? I swear this is like the third couple I’ve seen do this in the past month,” one person observed.

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