Is Prichard Colón Died? Update on Former Boxer Prichard Colon in 2023: Shocking News Revealed, Know The Details

Prichard Colon Melendez is an American previous professional boxer who gained fame as an amateur for winning numerous national championships in his native Puerto Rico. Colon turned pro in 2012 and complete his debut in February 2013. The rising star knocked out Xavier La Salle in the primary round of their bout.

Melendez loomed his October 2015 fight against Terrel Williams with an unblemished 16-0 record. He’d knocked out Vivian Harris a month beforehand and was, therefore, full of confidence. However, Colon never established into a match in which both fighters were penalized for various breaches. He lost the match and his boxing career as he suffered a cut to his brain at approximately a point during the match.

Contrary to anticipation, Colon has made steady progress in his rehabilitation

How is Prichard Colon Former Boxer Doing in 2023?

Prichard Colon was hyped by way of the next Puerto Rican boxing talent. He had the talent and personality of a future champion. Unfortunately, that ill-fated bout in contradiction of Terrel Williams changed everything.

Colon complained about Terrel Williams’ rabbit punches throughout the match, but his protests fell on deafened ears. He retaliated with a low setback, which the ref swiftly penalized. He graciously took his sentence, but again pointed out Williams’ rabbit punches. As the seventh round drew to a close, Terrel sent Colon to the canvas with a straight right hand to the spinal of his head.

The Rise of Prichard Colón

In 2013, Prichard Colón emerged as a rising star in the world of professional boxing. At just 21 years old, he transitioned from boxing as a hobby to a professional career, capturing the attention of fans and experts alike.

The Fateful Match with Terrel Williams

In October 2015, Prichard faced off against Terrel Williams in a high-stakes boxing match. What began as a typical boxing bout took a nightmarish turn. Terrel’s blows repeatedly struck the back of Prichard’s head, a dangerous foul. Despite Prichard’s complaints to the referee, the match continued, and the ringside doctor allowed it to proceed.

The Tragic Consequences

The repeated trauma to Prichard’s head resulted in internal bleeding, a condition that went unnoticed until after the fight. Upon returning to his dressing room, he began vomiting and ultimately collapsed. This incident plunged Prichard into a 221-day coma. During this harrowing period, he remained physically alive but mentally unresponsive. It was later revealed that a portion of his skull had collapsed, exerting pressure on his brain.

Surviving the Unthinkable

Prichard Colón miraculously survived the coma, but his life was irreparably altered. To alleviate the brain pressure, he underwent a hemisphere craniotomy, a procedure that presents an arduous path to recovery. Physical therapy became a vital part of his journey, and his mother assumed the role of his primary caregiver due to his diminished functionality.

The End of a Promising Career

Prichard’s boxing career came to an abrupt and definitive end. Returning to the ring was deemed both unlikely and perilous for his health. Seeking recompense for his suffering, Prichard pursued legal action.

Legal Battles and Seeking Accountability

Prichard Colón initiated a $50 million lawsuit against the ringside doctor, alleging medical negligence and malpractice. Additionally, he held the event promoters, HeadBangers Boxing and DiBella Entertainment, accountable for hiring an allegedly unqualified doctor. Medical experts expressed their belief that the fight should have been halted in the seventh round, potentially preventing Prichard’s devastating injuries. The legal battle seeks justice and accountability for the life-changing consequences of that ill-fated match.

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Colon grimaced as he enclosed the back of his head with his glove. He was suffering, but the ringside physician, Dr. Richard Ashby vacated him to continue. NBC commentator Kenny Rice supposed on the broadcast:

He [Dr. Ashby] told me that Colon thought he was dizzy and hurting in the back of his head, but he felt he could go on. The doctor harmonizes. He said he was just waiting for him to shake it off and restart action.

Terrel earned a points inference for the rabbit punch, but the fight continued up to the ninth round. Colon’s corner incorrectly cut off his gloves after the round, foremost to his disqualification. Prichard is left-hand the ring dizzy, with his arm draped around his mom. “I can’t see,” were the last words he said beforehand he collapsed, vomit spilling out of his mouth and nose.

Colon had a 1.5 cm brain bleed that seeped blood into his skull. His strength not have made it through the 10th round animated. Prichard continued in a vegetative state after coming out of a months-long unconsciousness, with medical practitioners holding out little hope for a retrieval.

The doctors don’t recoil us hope,” Richard, Prichard’s father, said ESPN. “They say that he’s got an advertisement on the CT scan [that] shows like a dark spot – that it’s too big for him to convalesce.” Prichard’s family, and especially his mom, Nieves, haven’t given up hope. Nieves and speech pathologist Alisha Russell have put in innumerable hours in helping Colon recover!

 Prichard Colon
Prichard Colon

It’s unclear how many colons can convalesce, but he has made stunning progress. On 9th June 2021, Nieves posted Facebook videos viewing Prichard’s progress. “Prichard Colon Melendez did fantastic now in his PT therapy,” she inscribed. “Thank you for your devotion. God bless you lots of benedictions.

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