Discover the Surprising Fact: Bruce Buffer’s Marriage to Annie Buffer and Their Son Dougie Buffer!

Bruce Buffer, the American professional diverse martial arts ring announcer & the official Octagon broadcaster for The Ultimate Fighting Championship, was wedded to Annie Buffer. Disdain being the “veteran voice of the octagon,” very little is known regarding Bruce’s private life.

Below let’s look at Bruce Buffer’s ex-wife, Annie Buffer, then get to know her better.

Long Known One Another Before Marriage

Bruce Buffer besides Annie Buffer were long-time partners before taking the oaths. Details regarding their life as pair remain in the shadow, but it looks like the lovebirds had quite a stimulating married life.

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Bruce, a black belt in Tang Soo Do who before fought as a kickboxer, keeps his MMA loudmouth absent from his personal life. Throughout the UFC 84 pay-per-view, which B.J. Penn and Sean Sherk headlined; Bleacher Report became an exclusive look at the 64-year-old’s daily life routine.

Buffer’s then-wife Annie had a brief appearance where she had minimal lines. The video would focus on the veteran presenter and his son. The story focused more on Bruce’s signature catchphrases besides also a bit of his son.

Bruce And Annie Share A Son

Bruce Buffer and Annie Buffer were holy with a single child, a son. Dougie Buffer, similar to his mother, remains away from the media care and camera. Annie’s son is so private that there are hardly any cinemas of him on the internet.

Relating to the Bleacher Account dialog-based storyline that focused on MMA’s leading voice and his son, we learned that Dougie was attending Peabody Elementary School. Since it was in 2008, we can assume that Bruce Buffer’s son Dougie is in the last level of his education level or may even be completed with his uni life.

But as stated above, like his mother, Annie Buffer’s son, Dougie is also not present on social media, due to which very little is identified about him.

The Former Couple Separated In 2015

Bruce Buffer’s marriage with Annie Buffer had an expiry date contempt being a long-time couple. The pair would part habits in 2015 for reasons undisclosed.

We can assume that it necessarily has been the hectic work schedule of the 64-year-old that led the couple to distinct. Since Annie Buffer’s ex-husband, Bruce Buffer is the voice of the UFC, the main fighting promotion in the world, his presence is a vital part.

Another reason for strength has been the announcer’s close relationship with his best friend Kristen Greulich. Bruce and Kristen are occupational partners and are each other’s biggest supporters. Though the former Buffer pair have remained silent regarding the issue, the real reason for their separation is still a mystery.

Life After Separating

Bruce Buffer
Bruce Buffer

Annie Buffer’s life has continuously been a mystery as details regarding her are always at a minimal level. Since her ex-husband barely posts any pictures of his son, we can shoulder that Dougie and Annie are together, living away from Bruce’s care.

As for Annie’s ex-lover, Bruce Buffer has devoted his life fully to his work. And as a result, he has gathered tons of fans due to his effort in the UFC.

We hope Bruce Buffer’s ex-wife Annie Buffer is breathing fine and healthy similar to her ex-partner. We also wish the best for her general well-being and her future endeavors.

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