Kelly Ripa Has a Strict Plan Before Every Live Show She Does as She is Highly Obsessed With Perfection, Know What Plan She Follows

The host of the morning talk show Kelly Ripa, 52, defies aging. Others could believe she gave her soul to Satan to remain young forever, or that she is a vampire. While she makes no mention of those realities. Her flawless diet and exercise regimen may be the cause of her perpetual youth.

Whenever it came to any rituals about her health, she adheres to a strict schedule. She is, however, ultimately almost as human as any of us. As a result, she permits herself to indulge in cheat meals and urges in moderation.

She shared her fitness guiding principles in a rare interview with E Online.

Kelly Ripa occasionally enjoys cheat meals

Kelly Ripa responded with restraint when asked if she allowed her to engage in cheat meals. She responded to the interviewer on being asked about everything as follows.

I make an effort to limit my cheat meals because they tend to lead to a sort of lifestyle of indulgence. At my age, this is. Therefore, savor that area of your life while you’re still young. But now that I’m older, I feel that getting ready takes too much work, so I just keep myself prepared. Will there be cake on my birthday? No doubt. I’m not an evil person. Did I eat cookies during the holidays? I am a human being, yes. I’ll treat myself to some lovely chocolate-covered almonds or cashews.

So there’s still something there that feels healthy, in my opinion. I’ve been preparing chia pudding as well. Delicious pudding with chocolate chips.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a wise maxim to follow. The healthy dietary limitation has only positive effects.

Pre-show rituals of Kelly Ripa

Her preferred beverage before Live with Kelly and Ryan is Bullet Coffee, which is made out of two espresso shots, a spoonful of ghee, and a package of collagen powder. She has two items on her task list before her live act that she can’t miss, and they are this and green supplements. She prefers to enjoy a Starbucks espresso when her show is on.

On days off, she makes a very nutritious chocolate chia seed pudding with cacao, coconut water, pitless dates, cashews, and coconut oil for breakfast.

Exceptionally, she throws all out on Sundays.

On Sunday, a hearty-cooked breakfast is served. Although they contain fat, they are wonderful and maintain good harmony in her life.

Kelly Ripa’s post-show routine

After the filming is over, Kelly Ripa prefers to eat something that she can chew.

I don’t eat anything I can chew before I speak on the radio. When we’re done, I’ll have a green apple that has been chopped up. I combine two tablespoons of almond butter with one teaspoon of cinnamon. After blending everything, I add the apples.

This may seem like a pitiful way to start the day, but the star finds it effective. After that, she eats lunch. According to her, a green salad with some fats like avocado and mixed nuts is always a good idea.

I sit and eat at such an odd time that it is more like morning. I’m eating a large salad of microgreens with toasted almonds and avocado on top. I occasionally eat pine nuts, cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and seeds from other trees. During the two years from 2015 to 2017, I was on an avocado toast kick and used it as the mainstay of my diet. And I consumed it with almost every meal.

Kelly Ripa will not give in. She has a perfectionist who is aging gracefully, motivating many people to keep their commitments and not toss them aside to compete with her.

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