Meet The Eight Children Of The Legendary Kris Kristofferson with 3 Different Spouses

Imagine a childhood spent in the shadow of Kris Kristofferson, a former golden gloves boxer, helicopter pilot, and Rhodes Scholar who went on to become one of the finest singer-songwriters to come out of Nashville. Additionally, he has a prominent role in several Hollywood projects, including Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Alice Doesn’t Live In this Anymore, Heaven’s Gate, and the Blade trilogy.

Conversely, if your father attended Oxford University before penning such timeless songs as Help Me Make It Through the Night, For the Good Times, Sunday Morning Coming Down, Why I, The Silver Tongued Devil and I, and Bob Dylan’s They Killed Him, as well as joining Willie Nelson,

You simply need to inherit one of his numerous skills to have an advantage over your peers, like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings did as The Highwaymen, a supergroup of country musicians.

If they’re appearing on stage, face-to-face with a camera, in a wrestling ring, or the legal system, each of Kristofferson’s eight children carries on his songwriting or acting tradition in their unique manner.

TRACEY KRISTOFER (Born January 9, 1962)

Tracy is one of Kristofferson’s two children from his marriage to San Mateo, California native Fran Beer, his high school sweetheart. The actor and producer, who graduated from Stanford, is listed on IMDB as having worked on the movies A Place to Grow (1995), Night of the Cyclone (1990), and Trouble in Mind (1985).

She was married to Richard Tyson, a famous American actor well remembered for playing the villain in Kindergarten Cop.

Jr. Kris Kristofferson (Born in 1968)

Very little is revealed about Tracy’s brother, other than the fact that he was given the most well-known moniker since Hank Williams Jr.

Cassandra Kristofferson (Born in 1974)

Rita Coolidge, a fellow recording artist and the only kid of Kris Kristofferson and his second wife, also has musical skills. The founder and frontman of both the Casey Kristofferson Band, Casey is a touring and recording musician based in North Carolina.

Toby Kristofferson (Born Oct. 7, 1983)

After Kristofferson and Coolidge divorced in 1980, he met Lisa Meyers, his third wife, at a Malibu gym.

The two are still together after tying the knot in 1983 and they spend m Meyers has supported her husband through a misdiagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s that turned out to be Lyme illness. They spent a lot of time in Maui, Hawaii. One of Kristofferson’s five children with Meyers, Jesse developed an acting talent that led to appearances on the 2010 Melrose Place revival and the popular serial series Days of Our Lives in 2012.

Kristofferson, Jody (Born May 21, 1985)

The requirement for the Kristofferson family to appear for an audience was changed by Jody. He is a professional wrestler who competed in the WWE’s developmental ranks from 2012 to 2014 under the ring name Garrett Dylan. In the independent scene, he goes by his birth name. He occasionally teams up with wrestler Dalton Frost.

Johnny Kristofferson (Born in 1988)

Johnny went to Pepperdine University to study law, just like his mother had done before him. He currently practices law in California.

Kelly Marie Kristofferson (Born in 1990)

The eldest daughter of Kristofferson inherited several of his skills. She is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and actress. Aydin Hamami, a painter, is her husband.

Kristofferson, Blake (Born in 1994)

Similar to Kris Jr., little is known about Blake other than the fact that he, too, holds an education from Pepperdine.

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