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Meet Willie Edwards Jr. Of History Channel’s Hit Show Swamp People! Discover His Background, Family Life, Devastating Tragedy, and Estimated Net Worth.

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Willie Edwards is a reptile hunter, a crafter, and a television personality. He has earned a reputation as one of Louisiana’s most reputable hunters thanks to the together with the bayou. Willie grew up on the Bayou Sorrel and acquired everything including his father. They work together to maximize the monthly hunting season to make the majority of their revenue.

Indeed a great father of three, Willie Edwards. Learn all there is to know in this article about Willie Edwards. We’ll go over the man’s life story in great detail.


The fact that Willie Edwards is Junior Edwards’ son has made him famous. His grandfather is an accomplished hunter and fisherman with decades of combined experience. He has worked for more than three decades.

Junior and Willie create a fantastic, though explosive, partnership. The former is an expert in creating the hooks which they employ to capture alligators.

On the other side, his father is an adept marksman. They collaborated for a very long time, and eventually, their relationship filtered down to television.

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This was accompanied by severalย reality television appearances. The bond between the two has been depicted on screen for the show’s viewers. When the couple is on screen, shouting matches frequently erupt.

As they moved back to the camera, we discovered that they still have a deep bond. Since they both left the swamp persons together after disagreeing with their producers, this became even more clear.

According to the tale, they were let go due to disagreements about pay. Willie and his father, on the other hand, denied these assertions. However, the pair hasn’t slowed down despite being fired from the show. They currently operate an internet business where customers can hire their boating services.

Willie keeps carrying on the family tradition of hunting even though Junior Edwards with his wife have stopped hunting.


The business endeavors of Willie Edwards are broadcast on television as well as throughout the bayou. He appeared in around 70 episodes of The Swamp People. According to sources, a hunter made an average pay of around $10,000.

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Willie as well as his father have also been professional fishers in addition to this. The combined net worth of Willie Edwards with his father was $500,000 as of the time of writing.


Sherrie Edwards is married to Willie Edwards. It was difficult to find anything about their relationship because they are both private individuals. As a result, we were unable to ascertain their date of birth or length of the marriage. We did discover that Sherrie is also a Louisiana native and has contributed to the success of the family business.

Three kids total are born to Willie and Sherrie. William IV & Landon are sons. Michaela is the name of the boy’s sister.

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