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Reddit User Took a Deep Dive Into Mysterious Miracle Spray: Glass Onion Fan Theory Answers Lingering Question From Knives Out Sequel

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Since its debut at the end of 2022, Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery has become a popular subject of discussion among fans of mysteries. With such an amazing cast, a great director, and a solid script, it’s no surprise that moviegoers throughout the world welcomed the film with open arms.

The second movie’s success has far eclipsed that of the first one, and Glass Onion is currently one of the most-viewed Netflix productions of all time. The vast majority of reviews from both audiences and critics have been favorable, and Glass Onion managed to collect an incredible 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fans are still perplexed by one sequence in particular, but it had little to no bearing on how the movie turned out. Ethan Hawke, who played Miles Bron’s assistant in the movie Moon Knight, makes a brief appearance throughout the film’s first thirty minutes. Before the visitors to Miles’ house take the boat that is supposed to transport them to their exclusive Greek island, Hawke’s character pours some type of Covid vaccination down their throats.

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Plot Elements

Hoykuneho, a Reddit member, commented on the situation and noted that the scenario provided two important functions that advanced the plot.

First and foremost, using the spray was a way for the individuals to get rid of their masks but also avoid having to stay in a quarantine area or maintain a certain social distance after they landed on the island.

Second, when Dave Bautista’s Duke Cody enquired as to if the spray had any pineapple, it offered a glimmer of foreboding. As viewers are aware, pineapple juice is what finally caused Duke’s tragedy later in the film, so asking about the anti-Covid spray’s components was a perfectly subtle way to warn viewers that something horrible was going to happen.

Scientific rationale

To partially validate the efficacy of the enigmatic vaccination, the fan theory begins by presenting three research questions and providing three scientific answers to the spray.

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First off, how did this wonder spray come to be so quickly? The second question is how an oral vaccination can have such a quick impact.

Third, given that the spray had the ability that would save so many lives, why wasn’t it made widely available?

The Redditor responds to their inquiries and walks readers through their reasoning, claiming that the notion of a sprayable vaccination isn’t entirely absurd. The article they linked to stated that Stanford Medicine is currently working on Covid-19 nasal spray vaccines. Additionally, the user brought up the fact that some vaccinations, like the rabies vaccine, have effect as soon as 1-2 days after just being given, and hypothesized that this would be one reason Miles’ treatment wasn’t disclosed.

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