The Heartbreaking Downfall of Flip: Uncovering the Events That Led to Street Outlaws Star’s Demise Before His Final Show Aired

The death of Justin “Flip” Shearer in 2017 was a shock to the Street Outlaws cast and to fans of the show alike. His death came just before Season 8 had aired, and left the show with a hole that no one could fill.

But what exactly happened to Flip before his death? In this article, we’ll take a look at the life of Flip and the circumstances that led to his death.

Who Was Flip?

Justin “Flip” Shearer was a beloved member of the cast of the Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws. He was a mechanic and racer who had a passion for cars and racing.

He was known for his ability to build and fix any car, from the most basic to the most complex. He was also a natural showman, often taking center stage and cracking jokes during races.

Flip’s background was in the automotive industry. He had worked as a mechanic for many years and had owned his own shop. He had also raced professionally in the past. He was known for his skill in working on cars and his knowledge of the industry.

Flip and Street Outlaws

Flip first appeared on Street Outlaws in 2013, when the show moved from Oklahoma City to Memphis. He quickly became a fan favorite and was known for his fun-loving personality and enthusiasm.

He was also known for pushing the boundaries of the show’s rules and regulations.

He was often seen pushing the limits of the cars, and would sometimes take risks that other members of the cast wouldn’t take.

Flip was also known for his willingness to help out anyone who needed it. He was often seen helping other racers, whether it was fixing their cars or giving them advice. He was also a mentor to many of the younger racers on the show, often helping them to become better racers.

The Death of Flip

On December 9, 2017, Flip was killed in a car accident while racing in Arkansas. He was killed instantly when his car went off the track and hit a tree. His death was a shock to the Street Outlaws cast and to fans of the show alike.

The circumstances surrounding Flip’s death are still unknown. It is believed that he was racing his car at its limit when the accident occurred. However, no one knows for sure what caused the accident.

The Aftermath

Flip’s death left a huge hole in the cast of Street Outlaws. His death was especially hard on the crew, who had grown close to him over the years.

His death was not shown on the show, as the episode had already been filmed and was set to air the following week.

In the weeks after Flip’s death, the cast of Street Outlaws paid tribute to him in various ways.

They held a memorial race in his honor, and the finish line was marked with a banner that said: “In Memory of Flip”. They also created a memorial website for him, and his car was put on display at the Street Outlaws shop.


The death of Flip was a tragedy that affected everyone who knew him. It was especially hard on the cast of Street Outlaws, as they had grown close to him over the years.

His death left a huge hole in the show that no one could fill. Although his death was not shown on the show, it was felt by everyone who knew him.

Flip will always be remembered as a talented racer and mechanic, and as a good friend to all who knew him. He will never be forgotten.

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