The Mysterious Disappearance of Ridge Forrester’s Hand: A Look at the Unsolved Medical Mystery


Ridge Forrester is a fictional character from The Bold and the Beautiful, a popular American soap opera. He is played by actor Thorsten Kaye and is the son of Brooke Logan and Eric Forrester.

In the show, Ridge is an ambitious fashion designer and a major character in the series. However, in 2017, Ridge experienced a medical mystery that has yet to be solved: the disappearance of his right hand.


During the 2017 season of The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge was involved in a life-altering accident. He had been working late one night at his office when a suspicious fire engulfed the building.

During the blaze, Ridge was severely burned and suffered extensive damage to his right hand. He underwent multiple surgeries in an effort to save his hand, but in the end, the hand was amputated.

The Aftermath

After the amputation, Ridge was distraught. He felt that he could no longer be the successful fashion designer he had been before the accident.

He also felt he had lost part of himself and his identity. He was left with a sense of emptiness and a feeling of grief and loss.

The Extent of the Damage

Ridge’s medical team was baffled by the extent of the damage to his hand. They were unable to explain how such extensive damage had been caused by a fire. The doctors speculated that Ridge had suffered from a rare medical condition called Raynaud’s Syndrome.

The condition causes the arteries in the hand to narrow and reduce the blood flow to the affected area. This could explain why Ridge’s hand was so badly damaged and why it had to be amputated.

The Mystery Unsolved

Despite extensive medical research, the exact cause of Ridge’s hand injury remains a mystery. The medical team was unable to determine the cause of the extensive damage and even today, the mystery remains unsolved. This has left Ridge and his family feeling frustrated and confused.

The Psychological Impact

The psychological impact of Ridge’s medical mystery has been profound. He has struggled to come to terms with the loss of his hand and accept his new identity.

He has also experienced feelings of grief, guilt, and shame. He has often felt isolated and alone and questioned his worth as a person.

The Support of His Loved Ones

Despite the psychological impact of his medical mystery, Ridge has been able to rely on the love and support of his family and friends. They have been an invaluable source of comfort and strength for him during this difficult time. His loved ones have helped him to come to terms with his new identity and to move forward with his life.


The mysterious disappearance of Ridge Forrester’s hand remains a medical mystery to this day. Despite extensive medical research, the exact cause of his injury remains unknown. This has left Ridge and his family feeling frustrated and confused.

However, with the love and support of his family and friends, Ridge has been able to come to terms with his new identity and move forward with his life.

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