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Are You Ready for the Shocking Finale of New Amsterdam Season 5?

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Austin Smith
Austin Smith
Austin Smith is a tech journalist at GeeksULTD. He has written about the latest technology trends for years and is always on the lookout for new and innovative gadgets. When he's not writing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children. Smith has been interested in technology since he was a child. He remembers being fascinated by his parents' first computer and how it worked. He would spend hours tinkering with it, trying to figure out how it worked. This early interest led to a lifelong passion for all things tech. Smith has a degree in journalism from the University of Missouri. He started his career by writing for small local newspapers before eventually landing at GeeksULTD. He has written about everything from the latest smartphones to the newest startups. His goal is to make complex technical topics easy to understand for the average reader.

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