Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber: A Secret Love Story You Won’t Believe! Relationship Timeline

If you’ve been wondering what’s been going on between Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber, it’s time to take a closer look. The couple has been dating since late 2021, but they keep their relationship very low-key. Despite attending a handful of high-profile events, they rarely speak about their relationship or share much on social media.

December 2021
The first sign of a relationship between Butler and Gerber surfaced in December of 2021. Rumors of them dating began to swirl after the Daily Mail caught the couple leaving a yoga class together in Los Angeles. They were later seen together again arriving at LAX airport.

February 2022
In February of 2022, Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber were spotted spending Valentine’s Day weekend together in London. They were seen grabbing coffee and enjoying the sights of the city.

March 2022
The couple was spotted again in March of 2022, this time in Paris after Paris Fashion Week. Gerber walked in the OFF/WHITE show during the week, and Butler joined her afterward. Later in the month, the couple attended their first celebrity event together – the W Magazine pre-Oscar’s party.

April 2022
In April of 2022, paparazzi snapped photos of the couple holding hands at a farmer’s market in Malibu. This marked a significant milestone in their relationship, suggesting that things were getting more serious.

May 2022
May was a big month for the couple. They made their first red carpet appearance at the Met Gala, affirming rumors about their relationship. Later in the month, Gerber supported Butler at the Cannes Festival for the premiere of Elvis.

July 2022
Even though Austin Butler didn’t want to talk about his relationship with Kaia Gerber, he couldn’t keep her out of his photo shoot for VMan magazine. Eagle-eyed fans spotted a tattoo on a woman’s wrist in the shoot that matched the tattoo on Gerber’s wrist – reading “I Know”.

September 2022
In September of 2022, Kaia Gerber turned 21 and celebrated with her friends without Butler. But a throwback photo of Gerber and Vanessa Hudgens from 2007 went viral around the same time. It highlighted the age gap between Gerber and Butler, causing speculation about their relationship to resurface.

January 2023
At the Golden Globe Awards in January of 2023, Austin Butler won Best Actor for his role in Elvis. While Gerber didn’t walk the red carpet with him, she was pictured congratulating him backstage.

February 2023
In February of 2023, the couple attended another W Magazine event. Butler was in attendance for Elvis, of course. The couple posed for photos together and wore matching black – Gerber in a modern naked dress and Butler in a black silk shirt and suit. According to Page Six, they were making out all night.

So, that’s Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber’s relationship timeline up to this point. Although they keep their relationship private, they’ve had some significant milestones over the last couple of years. It’s unclear what the future holds, but fans will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on them.

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