Discover the explosive new changes coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Commanding Force!

In 2023, Ubisoft announced its plans for the Rainbow Six Siege season named “Operation Commanding Force”. The new season, set to launch on the 7th of March 2023, will include several changes that players can expect. The changes will affect various aspects of the game and aim to reward players who have been loyal to the game while still providing a level playing field for everyone. Among the changes players can expect in the new season include a new Operator, reloading restrictions, and penalties for voice chat abuse.

New Operator: Nayara “Brava” Cardoso

The Kludge Drone

Brava will be the new attacking operator for the Rainbow Six Siege game. She comes with a gadget called the “Kludge Drone” which can hijack any piece of defender equipment and turn it against them. It is an incredibly versatile gadget that could change the game’s dynamics entirely. The drone can hijack defender traps, such as Claymores and make them a danger to defenders. It can also hijack defender cameras, including any default cameras and Maestro’s Evil Eyes, bulletproof cameras, and so on.

Brava’s Loadout

Brava has two primary weapons: the PARA-308 and the CAMRS. She also has two secondary weapons: the USP40 and the Super Shorty. As for her equipment, she comes with a Claymore, and a Smoke Grenade, which is pretty standard loadout for an operator in the game.

Changes to the Game

Reload Canceling

In the new season, players will no longer be able to cancel their reload once the magazine has been removed from their weapons. If you try to shoot your weapon once the magazine has been removed, you can only fire a single bullet that is currently chambered.

Reputation Penalties for Voice Chat Abuse

Starting from the new season, continued voice chat abuse will land players with penalties. You will be muted to others by default, which means your teammates can only hear you if they manually unmute you. This change aims to promote healthy and respectful communication between players.

Rework to “Zero”

Zero’s Argus Camera will no longer auto-expose itself to the opposite side of the wall it’s fired upon. Zero players will have to flip the camera over to the opposite side of the wall manually.

Beginner Challenges

New players can complete a series of challenges to receive “Newcomer Packs.” These contain loot and renown, which should help them get started. All players have access to these challenges, regardless of level.

Console Players’ Mouse and Keyboard Restrictions

Input Spoofing Device

As expected, Ubisoft has finally taken action against console players using a mouse and keyboard to gain an unfair advantage over traditional controller players. If an input spoofing device (which enables mouse and keyboards to be used) is detected, the player will experience increased input lag. Consequently, when they move their mouse or press keys on their keyboard, those actions will take longer to show up in-game. The input lag will gradually reduce once a controller is used rather than a mouse and keyboard.


In conclusion, Ubisoft has made several changes to the Rainbow Six Siege game in the new season, set to launch on March 7th, 2023. These changes range from new Operators, reload restrictions, reputation penalties, and beginner challenges, among others. Additionally, input spoofing devices for console players that use a mouse and keyboard to gain an unfair advantage over traditional controller players will experience increased input lag as a penalty.


Will existing players benefit from the Beginner Challenges?

Yes, all players, regardless of their level, have access to the Beginner Challenges that reward players with Newcomer packs.

What is the aim of the penalties for voice chat abuse?

The penalties are intended to promote healthy and respectful communication between players and reduce instances of toxicity during gameplay.

What are Bravo tickets, and how do players obtain them?

Bravo Tickets replace the “Alpha Packs” players receive via the seasonal Battle Pass. Players who reach over Tier 100 of the Battle Pass will earn Bravo Tickets. Bravo Tickets can be used to redeem any item from the Y8 Bravo Pack loot pool.

Can players still fire one bullet after reloading?

Yes, players can still fire a single bullet after reloading. However, once the magazine has been removed from the weapon, players can no longer cancel the reloading process.

Will the changes be immediately available at the start of the new season?

Players should note that while some changes will be available at the start of the Operation Commanding Force season, others will not be available initially. Players can expect a follow-up announcement to reveal their availability.


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