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Find Juicy Strawberry Picking Farms in Connecticut, Maryland, NJ & Virginia for Delicious Summer Fun

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The Ultimate Guide to Strawberry Picking: Best Farms in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia

Are you ready to bite into some sweet, fresh-picked strawberries? Strawberry picking is not only a delicious summer activity but also a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones and support local farms. But where can you find the best strawberry picking in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia? Look no further than this ultimate guide!


  • Lyman Orchards: Top Destination for PYO Strawberries
  • Benefits of Eating Strawberries
  • Varieties of Strawberries
  • Family-Friendly Activity
  • Fresh-Picked Strawberries Available in the Market

If you’re in Connecticut, Lyman Orchards is a must-visit destination for Pick Your Own (PYO) strawberries. Strawberries are one of the first PYO fruits of the season, starting in early June and lasting until early July. Strawberries are a delicious source of potassium, Vitamin C, fiber, and high levels of antioxidants. You can find many different varieties of strawberries at Lyman Orchards, selected for their flavor and ability to withstand Connecticut soil and weather conditions. Strawberry picking is a great family-friendly activity that you don’t want to miss out on!


  • Maryland: Wonderful Activity for Kids
  • Strawberry Picking Season
  • Farms in Southern Maryland
  • Farms North of DC
  • Strawberry Picking on the Eastern Shore
  • Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting Farms

Maryland is another great place for strawberry picking. You can find many family-friendly farms in Southern Maryland, north of DC, and on the Eastern Shore. However, keep in mind that crop availability varies, so it’s always best to call first before visiting. While visiting farms, it’s important to be safe and protect your family from ticks.

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New Jersey

  • 8 Things to Know Before Picking Strawberries in NJ
  • Tips for Picking Strawberries
  • Best Places to Pick Your Own Strawberries in NJ
  • Affiliate Links to Find Items You Need

If you’re planning to go strawberry picking in New Jersey, there are 8 things you need to know before you go. Combined with the tips for picking strawberries and the best places to pick your own strawberries in NJ, you’ll be ready to have an enjoyable time. In addition, we’ve included affiliate links to help find the items you need.


  • Virginia Strawberry Picking Season
  • What to Expect While Picking Strawberries in Virginia
  • Farms in Loudoun, Prince William, and Clarke Counties
  • Farms in Fredericksburg
  • Hollin Farms in Deplane

Last but not least, Virginia is also a great place for strawberry picking. You can find many family-friendly farms in Loudoun, Prince William, and Clarke Counties, Fredericksburg, and Deplane. Virginia strawberry picking season usually runs from May to early June, but be sure to check with each farm for specific dates and hours.


Now that you know where to find the best strawberry picking in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia, it’s time to plan your trip! Remember to call in advance, wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes, and avoid picking overripe or underripe strawberries. Whether you like to eat strawberries fresh, in a smoothie, or in a baked dessert, you’re sure to enjoy biting into a juicy, sweet strawberry that you picked with your own hands.

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Q1: What should I wear when going strawberry picking?

Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty, such as a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. Avoid sandals and open-toe shoes as you’ll be walking on uneven terrain. Also, bring sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Q2: Can I bring my own containers for strawberry picking?

Most farms provide containers for picking, but some may allow you to bring your own as long as they are clean and sturdy. However, always check with the farm first before bringing your own containers.

Q3: Can I eat the strawberries that I pick?

Yes, most farms allow you to eat the strawberries that you pick while you’re in the field. However, be mindful of not over-picking or wasting strawberries.

Q4: Is there a weight limit for strawberry picking?

Most farms charge by the pound for PYO strawberries, but there is usually no weight limit. However, some farms may ask you to stop picking if you have picked an excessive amount of strawberries.

Q5: Can I bring my dog to the strawberry fields?

Unfortunately, most farms do not allow pets in the fields due to food safety regulations and the risk of damage to their crops. Service animals are an exception, but always check with the farm beforehand.


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