Get Ready for the Final Seasons of Stranger Things 5 and Wednesday Season 2 – What We Know!

Stranger Things 5 and Wednesday Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things and Wednesday, you’re in luck! Both fan-favorite shows have new seasons coming up, and we’ve got all the details you need to know. From release dates to potential cameos, here’s what we know so far.

Wednesday Season 2: All the Details

Renewal Confirmation

Netflix officially announced that Wednesday has been renewed for a second season. Head honchos had been actively searching for writers to join the writers’ room, and scouting locations for the next chapter of the series. As co-showrunner Miles Millar put it, “We just touched the surface with those characters and the actors are so amazing in those roles.”

Who’s Returning?

The full cast and crew for the second season isn’t confirmed yet. But it’s likely that the main cast including Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams, Luis Guzmán as Gomez Addams, Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams, Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester, Gwendoline Christie as Principal Larissa Weems, Jamie McShane as Sheriff Galpin, Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe, Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin, Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair, Joy Sunday as Bianca Barclay will all return for the second season.

Possible Cameos

While rumors have been circulating about a possible Lady Gaga cameo, nothing has been confirmed. But if Gaga does appear, it would be iconic, especially considering how much attention the singer has given to the show on social media.

Stranger Things 5: What We Know So Far

The End of the Series

The fifth season of Stranger Things will be the final season, according to show creators the Duffer brothers. Fans have been anticipating the release of the final season for years now, and it’s finally on the horizon.

Release Date Delay

Production on Stranger Things 5 was originally scheduled to begin in May/June 2023. Unfortunately, it has been suspended due to the ongoing writers strike. There’s no word yet on when production will resume.

Season 5 Plot

Season 5 will take place entirely in Hawkins, with Will Byers as the main focus. The storyline will echo the vibe of season 1 but on a much bigger scale.

The Cast

The full cast and crew for the fifth season hasn’t been confirmed yet. But we do know that all of the key players will be back, including Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Finn Wolfhard as Mike, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas, Noah Schnapp as Will, and Sadie Sink as Max.

Possible Release Date

It’s hard to say when exactly Stranger Things 5 will be released since production has been delayed. Finn Wolfhard has hinted that fans might have to wait until 2025 for the fifth season, but official details on a release date have yet to be released.


It’s an exciting time for fans of both Wednesday and Stranger Things. While we’ll have to wait to get more details on both shows, we know that we can expect some amazing entertainment from both of them. Stay tuned for more!


1. When will Wednesday season 2 be released?

There is currently no official release date for Wednesday season 2. We’ll update as soon as we hear more!

2. Will Lady Gaga be in Wednesday season 2?

There are rumors circulating about a possible Lady Gaga cameo, but nothing has been confirmed.

3. Why was production for Stranger things 5 delayed?

Production for Stranger Things 5 was suspended in solidarity with the writers strike.

4. Will Stranger Things 5 be the end of the series?

Yes, Stranger Things 5 will be the final season of the series.

5. Who will be returning for Stranger Things 5?

All of the key players will be back, including Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Finn Wolfhard as Mike, Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas, Noah Schnapp as Will, and Sadie Sink as Max.


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