Get the Juicy Details of This Week’s Succession: Eulogies, Masculinity, and Corporate Strife!

Succession Recap: Season 3, Episode 4

Once again, it’s time for me to pour this week’s Succession recap directly into your eyes as if I were Gregory Hirsch wielding a can of lemony, medicinal LaCroix. I’m not privy to the titles of the episodes before they air but based on the two standout Roman scenes, I have to assume that this one will be “Kieran Culkin’s Emmy Tape”. The first arrives as we open on Roman rehearsing his father’s eulogy and proclaiming himself to be “King Dong”. It both beautifully illustrates Roman’s unbelievably complicated relationship with his own unusual masculinity, and establishes a strange theme for the episode – namely, d***s, mentions of which practically bookend the action.

Roman’s Eulogy

Roman opens the episode by rehearsing his father’s eulogy. In front of a mirror in his closet, he imagines himself delivering the speech. At one point, he proclaims himself to be “King Dong,” which only illustrates his odd relationship with his masculinity. He compares himself to his father, Logan Roy, who is undoubtedly the biggest swinging d*** in any room.

Theme of the Episode

The theme of the episode is centered around d***s and masculinity. Roman’s eulogy is filled with references to male genitalia, and this preoccupation with size and power carries over into the rest of the episode.

Logan’s Funeral

The episode centers around the funeral of Logan Roy. The Roy children attend the funeral, but they are preoccupied with their own issues. Kendall’s ex-wife, Rava, takes their daughter out of town to keep her safe. Kendall has a difficult time dealing with this decision and threatens to get a court order to prevent Rava from leaving the city.

Ewan’s Eulogy

Ewan Roy, Logan’s brother, delivers a memorable eulogy. He talks about Logan’s childhood experiences, including the trauma of crossing the Atlantic during World War II. He also discusses Logan’s guilt about bringing home polio, which he believed contributed to the death of their sister. Ewan ultimately judges Logan harshly, portraying him as a man who darkened the world, fed the dark flame in men, and kept their hearts warm while others grew cold.

Shiv’s Pregnancy

Shiv reveals that she’s pregnant with Tom’s child. Roman makes crude jokes about the situation, while Kendall seems more concerned about the impact on the family business. Shiv plans to tell Logan about the pregnancy, but she’s ultimately unable to do so.

Protests Outside ATN

There are protests outside of ATN following the network’s decision to crown a sleazy right-wing figure as its new anchor. Tom is upset by the negative press coverage, but he still supports his decision to champion Mencken.

Overall Episode Impressions

Overall, this episode of Succession is filled with complex themes and storylines. The preoccupation with masculine power and the portrayal of Logan Roy as a sinister figure who corrupted those around him make it a particularly gripping installment in the series.


1. Who is Logan Roy?

Logan Roy is the patriarch of the Roy family and the CEO of Waystar Royco, a massive media and entertainment conglomerate. He is a powerful and ruthless figure who will stop at nothing to maintain his grip on his company and his family.

2. What is the main theme of Succession?

The main theme of Succession is power and corruption. The series portrays the Roy family as a group of deeply flawed individuals who will stop at nothing to maintain their power and influence.

3. What makes Succession unique?

Succession is unique because it combines elements of drama, comedy, and satire to create a complex and nuanced portrait of a wealthy and powerful family. The show’s writing and acting are also exceptional, making it a standout series in the current television landscape.

4. Who is the standout character on Succession?

Succession has a large and talented ensemble cast, but many viewers would likely point to Kieran Culkin’s portrayal of Roman Roy as the standout character. Culkin brings a unique blend of humor, vulnerability, and nastiness to the role, making it one of the most memorable performances on television in recent years.

5. What can we expect from the rest of the season?

The rest of the season is likely to focus on the power struggles within the Roy family, as well as the future of Waystar Royco. It’s impossible to predict where the show will go next, but fans can certainly expect more drama, suspense, and dysfunctional family dynamics.


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