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The Triumph of Archer Season 13: A Review

Despite being on air for twelve seasons, Archer has managed to retain its wittiness and audacity, making it one of the most successful animated half-hour comedies. In this article, we’ll review season 13 and explore whether the show has maintained its quality and relevance. We’ll also discuss how the show addressed the passing of one of its actors and what to expect this season.

Season 13: An Overview

Season 13 of Archer follows the same comedic spy series structure with a group of quirky spies working under “The Agency,” which has been acquired by the International Intelligence Agency (IIA) run by Fabian Kingsworth. The gang is tasked with carrying out odd missions and struggling to balance their independence with their corporate ownership.

The Characters

The show features a cast of unique characters from the powerful and arrogant Sterling Archer to the enthusiastic Pam Poovey, and many more. The show’s writing maintains the individuality of each character while keeping the audience engaged and invested in the story.

The Voice Cast

The show features talented voice acting led by H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer, Aisha Tyler as Lana Kane, and Judy Greer as Cheryl/Carol Tunt. Season 13 includes guest appearances by Kenan Thompson, Alison Pill, Christian Slater, Kayvan Novak, and Stephen Tobolowsky.

The Pitch

Archer has managed to maintain its cleverness, fun, and emotion through 12 seasons, despite facing criticism for losing its edge. The show’s ability to continue entertaining audiences year after year is commendable. The season 12 finale “Mission: Difficult” proved this point by cementing the lovable band of spies while also giving Malory’s character a touching sendoff.

On Jessica Walter’s Death

The beloved actress Jessica Walter, voice of Malory Archer in the show, passed away this year, and the creators had to re-organize the season’s storyline to honor her memory. Walter’s husband, Ron Leibman, also passed away in 2019, and the show incorporated Leibman’s voice through archived audio footage. The season not only honors Malory’s character but also the two actors’ memory.

Is Archer Still Relevant?

The thirteenth season of Archer proves the show’s triumphant return and ability to remain relevant through the years. Diehard fans have been wondering if the show can continue satisfying its audience amidst changing times. The answer, however, is a simple ‘yes’.

What to Expect this Season

The first 4 episodes screened for critics are full of comical and chaotic situations. As always, Archer and his team are caught up in all sorts of illogical yet intense mishaps, from high-octane activities during the Agent Skills Competition to facing off against guerrilla soldiers. The animation during action scenes is well-done, and situations depict how reckless and dangerous the spy’s job remains.

The Absence of Malory

Though the season has dealt with the passing of Jessica Walter well, focusing on Malory’s absence too much could ultimately become problematic. The character is featured in a way that is respectful to Walter’s memory, but the rest of the gang appears to have forgotten about her by the season’s third and fourth episodes. Nonetheless, the show continues to satisfy its fans’ expectations and maintain its status as one of television’s most iconic sitcoms.


Season 13 of Archer proves to be yet another success for the show, with well-written humor, clever animation, and thrilling action. The show continues to stay relevant despite its many years on air and is an excellent show that’s worth re-watching. Though some fans miss Malory’s character, the show’s creators have done an excellent job of handling her loss and giving her a fitting goodbye.


1. When will Archer Season 13 air?

Archer Season 13 premiered on August 25 on FXX.

2. Who created Archer?

Adam Reed created Archer, and the show is executive produced by Reed, Matt Thompson, and Casey Willis.

3. Who are the voice actors on Archer?

The show features talented voice acting led by H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer, Aisha Tyler as Lana Kane, and Judy Greer as Cheryl/Carol Tunt. Season 13 includes guest appearances by Kenan Thompson, Alison Pill, Christian Slater, Kayvan Novak, and Stephen Tobolowsky.

4. How many seasons of Archer are there?

There are currently twelve seasons of Archer available. The show first premiered in 2009 and has maintained its success for over a decade.

5. Will Archer Season 13 be the last season of the show?

It’s currently unknown whether Archer will continue beyond Season 13, but the thirteenth season proves that the show is still as relevant and entertaining as ever.


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