Is Horimiya Season 2 Happening? Find Out Now, Fans Are Eagerly Waiting!

Horimiya: Season 2 – What to Expect and When?

A Recap of Horimiya: Season 1

Horimiya: Season 1 ended on a high note with Hori and Miyamura confessing their feelings to each other and graduating from high school. Fans of the show are eager to see what happens next in their relationship, but unfortunately, Horimiya: Season 2 is not currently in production.

When Is Horimiya: Season 2 Coming Out?

Currently, there is no official release date for Horimiya: Season 2. However, season 1 did adapt all of the manga, so if season 2 ever gets the green light, it will likely be an original story or something similar. Fans may have to wait a few years for Horimiya: Season 2 to be announced.

What Is Horimiya: Season 2 About? (Spoiler Alert)

As Horimiya: Season 1 followed the same plot as the manga, the story now stands completed. However, the series is based on a webcomic by the creator Hero, which could potentially serve as the source material for a second season. The webcomic contains more content after the end of the manga, including Hori and Miyamura getting married and having a son named Kyouhei Miyamura.

Which Studio Is Making Horimiya: Season 2?

If Horimiya: Season 2 gets the go-ahead, it will likely be animated by CloverWorks once again. They did an excellent job on the visuals for season 1, which complemented the mellow tone of the series.

Where Will Horimiya: Season 2 Be Aired?

The first season of Horimiya wasn’t initially available on most streaming services, but after a few months, it was made available online practically everywhere. Fans can expect season 2 to be available on Funimation, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and even Netflix when it releases.

The Problems with Horimiya: Season 1

Despite its popularity, Horimiya: Season 1 left a lot to be desired. While the initial premise was intriguing, the series failed to deliver on its potential due to poor pacing, contrived storylines, and inconsistent tone.

The Problem With Horimiya’s Premise

Horimiya’s initial premise centered around Hori and Miyamura’s secrets, which ended up being disappointingly mundane and not worth hiding. As a result, the decision to use these secrets as the catalyst for their romantic development fell short.

The Pacing of Horimiya Season 1

One of the biggest issues with Horimiya: Season 1 was the poor pacing. The format of the show quickly became repetitive and tiresome, with every episode feeling like separate segments without a coherent narrative. The tone of the show also became inconsistent, making it difficult to follow along with.

The Problems with the Supporting Cast

Horimiya: Season 1 also failed to develop the supporting cast, reducing their stories to mere confetti that added nothing significant to the overall plot. As a result, the main couple’s progression felt rushed and inorganic.

What To Expect From Horimiya: Season 2

If Horimiya: Season 2 does get the green light, fans can expect an original story or potentially an adaptation of the series’ webcomic. However, given the issues with the first season, it’s important to lower expectations and approach season 2 with caution.


Horimiya: Season 2 is not currently in production, and while fans are hopeful for its return, it’s important to consider the issues with the first season, including poor pacing, contrived storylines, and inconsistent tone. If season 2 does get the green light, fans can look forward to potential new plotlines and the return of their favorite characters.


1. Will Horimiya: Season 2 be a direct adaptation of the webcomic?
There’s no confirmation yet on what approach Horimiya: Season 2 will take, but it may adapt the webcomic.

2. When will Horimiya: Season 2 be released?
There is no official release date for Horimiya: Season 2, and fans may have to wait a few years for its announcement.

3. Will the supporting cast be developed more in Horimiya: Season 2?
If season 2 does get the green light, it’s possible that the supporting cast could be developed more.

4. Was Horimiya: Season 1 a faithful adaptation of the manga?
Yes, Horimiya: Season 1 followed the same plot as the manga.

5. Is CloverWorks confirmed as the studio for Horimiya: Season 2?
There’s no official confirmation yet, but it’s likely that CloverWorks will be the studio behind Horimiya: Season 2 if it does get produced.


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