Is Ted Lasso Ending after Season 3? Discover What’s Next for the Beloved Show!

Is Ted Lasso ending after season 3? What we know so far

Ted Lasso, the critically acclaimed Apple TV+ hit comedy series, has been a fan favorite since its premiere in 2020. The show stars Jason Sudeikis as the titular character, a down-on-his-luck American football coach who takes a job coaching football (or, as Americans call it, soccer) in England. With the third season coming to a close, fans are wondering whether the show is ending for good or if a spinoff is in the works. Here’s what we know so far:

What Jason Sudeikis says about the show’s ending

In a March 2023 interview with Deadline, Sudeikis said that the third season is “the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell.” However, he also mentioned that he appreciates the curiosity and desire for more from fans, and that “there’s always Cameo” (referring to the website that lets fans request personalized videos from actors).

What the show’s creators have said about the show’s ending

Co-creator Brendan Hunt has said that the show was always intended to have a three-season arc and that he thinks “it would be pretty cool if, in the face of how much everyone likes this show, that we stick to our guns and really just do three seasons.” Meanwhile, fellow co-creator Bill Lawrence has expressed hope that there will be more Ted Lasso stories to tell after three seasons.

What the cast members have said about the show’s ending

The show’s cast members have also expressed differing opinions on whether the show should end after season three. Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca Welton, has said that “it is the end of this particular story thread” and that fans will see why once they watch it. She added that she doesn’t know what’s next, but that she’d love to see a spinoff featuring her character, Keeley Jones (played by Juno Temple), and Jeremy Swift’s character, Higgins. Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent, has joked that “everyone dies,” but also said that the decision to end the show is a hard one.

What a spinoff of the show could look like

The idea of a spinoff for Ted Lasso has been floated around by fans and cast members alike. One possible spinoff could focus on Keeley Jones, Rebecca Welton, and Higgins, as Waddingham suggested. Another could center around Coach Beard, played by Brendan Hunt. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that there are plenty of characters and storylines that fans would love to see more of.

What’s happened so far in season 3 of Ted Lasso

As of this writing, six episodes of the 12-episode third season have been released. The season has seen Ted and his beloved team, AFC Richmond, facing new challenges on and off the field. The show has also continued to tackle issues such as mental health, toxic masculinity, and forgiveness.

What critics are saying about season 3 of Ted Lasso

The third season of Ted Lasso has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics. The show currently has a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics praising its “optimistic outlook,” “nuanced storytelling,” and “heartwarming humor.”

What viewers are saying about season 3 of Ted Lasso

Fans of the show have also been raving about the latest season on social media. Many have shared their love for the new characters introduced this season, such as Sharon (played by Sarah Niles), a sports psychologist who helps the team with their mental game. Others have remarked on the show’s continued ability to make them laugh and cry in equal measure.

What the future holds for Ted Lasso

At this point, it’s unclear what the future holds for the beloved show. Will there be a spinoff? Will Ted make a comeback on Cameo? Will there be a season 4 after all? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Ted Lasso has touched the hearts of millions of fans worldwide and will continue to be a beacon of hope and optimism in uncertain times.


Ted Lasso may be ending with season 3, or it may not be. Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying that the show has made a lasting impact on the cultural zeitgeist. With its lovable characters, heartfelt storylines, and feel-good humor, Ted Lasso has become one of the most beloved shows of the past few years. We can only hope that we haven’t seen the last of Ted, Keeley, and the rest of the gang.


1. Is Ted Lasso really ending after season 3?

It’s unclear whether the show is ending for good after season 3, but that’s what the creators have said was the original plan.

2. Will there be a spinoff of the show?

There’s been talk of a spinoff featuring characters such as Keeley Jones and Coach Beard, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

3. What are critics saying about the third season of Ted Lasso?

So far, critics have been praising the third season’s nuanced storytelling, heartwarming humor, and optimistic outlook.

4. How have fans reacted to the third season of Ted Lasso?

Fans have been raving about the latest season on social media, praising the show’s ability to make them laugh and cry in equal measure.

5. What can we expect from the rest of season 3 of Ted Lasso?

We can expect more challenges for Ted and AFC Richmond, as well as continued exploration of themes such as mental health, toxic masculinity, and forgiveness.


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