Logan’s Funeral Brings The Roys Together in Church and State – A Succession Recap

Title: ‘Succession’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 9 – “Church and State”

Another week, another thrilling episode of HBO’s “Succession.” In this week’s episode, titled “Church and State,” tensions continue to rise within the Roy family as they gather for the funeral of their patriarch, Logan. Meanwhile, protests in the streets over the contested election add another layer of complexity to the already fraught situation.

Funeral Planning

The episode begins with Shiv and Roman preparing for Logan’s funeral. Shiv strategizes with Matsson while Roman practices his eulogy. Kendall, on his way to the church, gets a call from his ex-wife, Rava, who is nervous about the unrest in the city over the election and is taking their kids out of town.

Kendall’s Freakout

Kendall becomes unhinged at the news that Rava is leaving town with the kids and goes full scary-ex on her. He even threatens to lie down in front of her car so she can’t leave. Kendall then tells Jess, his assistant, that he wants to get a lawyer and go after custody. When he finds out Jess is quitting, he blames her for springing it on him.

The Siblings’ Car Ride

During their car ride to the funeral, Shiv tells her brothers that she is pregnant. Roman makes jokes, and they cross paths with protesters in the streets.

Milling Around At The Funeral

Everybody is at Logan’s funeral, including the four women from Logan’s life: Marcia, Caroline, Kerry, and Sally. Ewan unloads some heavy truths during his eulogy, saying Logan had a difficult childhood, became a ruthless power broker, and “wrought the most terrible things.”

Shiv’s Plan

Shiv hasn’t given up on getting the GoJo deal through and thinks she can make Mencken’s possible victory work for her. She proposes that if she were the CEO of the U.S. operations of GoJo, that might ease the regulatory concerns about foreign ownership. This would require Shiv to make nice with Mencken.

The Speeches

It is Roman’s intent to be the star eulogist at this event, and he tells Greg to control Uncle Ewan and make sure he doesn’t get up and give any fiery progressive speeches. But of course, Ewan rises to speak.

Ewan’s Speech

Ewan’s speech will be clipped and quoted and memed. The upshot is that Logan had a difficult childhood, blamed himself for the polio death of their baby sister, and became a dynamic but ruthless power broker who has “wrought the most terrible things.”


“Church and State” continues the great storytelling that “Succession” is known for. The tension and complex character relationships keep us on the edge of our seats every episode.


1. Who is Logan and why is his funeral important?

Logan is the patriarch of the Roy family, a powerful media mogul. His funeral is important because it brings the Roy family together and sets the stage for the remainder of the season.

2. What is the GoJo deal, and why is it important?

The GoJo deal is a major acquisition that Shiv has been working on. If successful, it would be a significant win for the Roy family’s media empire.

3. What is the significance of the protests in the streets?

The protests in the streets are a reflection of the tensions between the two candidates in the contested election. They add an additional layer of complexity to the already fraught situation.

4. What is the relationship between Kendall and Rava?

Kendall and Rava are ex-spouses. They share two children together and have a complicated relationship that is strained further in this episode.

5. Who gives the most memorable speech at Logan’s funeral?

Ewan gives a highly quotable and impactful speech that succinctly summarizes Logan’s character and legacy.


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