Netflix’s Latest Update: 46 New Shows and Movies You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Netflix is adding 46 new movies and shows this week (May 28, 2023) by Sarah Perchikoff

Hold your horses, movie and TV show enthusiasts! Netflix is treating its subscribers with a vast collection of new movies and shows this week. Starting May 28, you can feast on 46 new titles ranging from old classics to new releases.

New Titles galore!

With something for everyone, Netflix has covered all bases with its latest update. Some of the exciting new releases include mystery-thriller, crime dramas, sci-fi and fantasy, comedy series, and so much more. Get cozy and prepare to explore the new additions to the platform, which are sure to keep you entertained well into the new month.

What’s in store?

The streaming giant has released a detailed list of its latest movies and shows, which include:

  • “Scarlet” – a true-crime drama series that has been capturing audiences worldwide
  • “Pretzelman” – a gripping mystery thriller that promises to have you on the edge of your seat
  • The cult-favorite sitcom “Friends” makes its much-awaited return to the streaming platform
  • “The Tailor” Season 2 – fans of the comedy series have been eagerly waiting for the second season
  • “The Teen Dream” – a romantic drama that promises to be a summer hit
  • “Ghosts” Season 3 – a supernatural comedy series that has been receiving rave reviews

What to expect?

With so many new titles to choose from, it can be challenging to pick which to watch first. But brace yourself, as we’ve got you covered! Get ready for scintillating performances, cutting-edge action, and compelling narratives, all under one roof. With this new update, Netflix is determined to deliver top-notch entertainment to its subscribers, catering to their diverse tastes in genres, themes, and characters.

Viewing guide

Here’s a brief guide on what to expect in terms of the genre you choose to watch:


Expect to be drawn into the world of puzzling mysteries, with gripping narratives that will leave you guessing till the very end. With plots that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, this genre is not for the faint-hearted.

Romantic drama

Love is in the air with some great romance titles featuring in the new update. With heartwarming stories of love and passion, this genre is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Comedy series

Need a break from all the drama and suspense? Sit back and enjoy some belly-laugh moments with the latest comedy series updates.


For adrenaline junkies, the action genre is your go-to choice. With thrilling car chases, hardcore fight scenes, and epic battles, this genre promises non-stop entertainment.


With the latest update, Netflix is determined to provide some of the best entertainment to its viewers. Explore the new titles, try something different, and make the most of your streaming subscription. Whether you prefer comedy, drama, thriller, or mystery, there’s something for everyone on the platform.


1. When will the new titles be available?

Starting May 28, the new titles are available for streaming.

2. What are some of the new titles?

The new titles include “Scarlet,” “Pretzelman,” “Friends,” “The Tailor” Season 2, “The Teen Dream,” and “Ghosts” Season 3.

3. What is the genre of these new titles?

The new titles cater to various genres such as mystery/thriller, comedy, romantic drama, and action.

4. Can I watch these new titles outside of the U.S.?

Yes, these new titles are globally accessible on Netflix. But the release time may vary depending on your region.

5. Do I need a premium account to access the new titles?

No, these new titles will be available across all subscription plans on Netflix.


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