Say Goodbye to Barry in the Best Directed Show on TV: Season 4 Finale Review

Barry Season 4 Episode 8 Review: The Best Directed Show On TV Says Goodbye

Barry season 4 has finally wrapped up, and fans are left wondering what’s next for the hit HBO series that mixed dark comedy and suspense thriller to critical acclaim. In this article, we’ll take a look at the final episode of the season, dissecting the major events that transpired and the implications they hold for the show’s future and its beloved characters. Keep reading for a breakdown of all the details you need to know about Barry season 4 episode 8.

The Cliffhanger Resolved

The previous episode left fans on tenterhooks, wondering about the fate of two important characters – would Barry and John survive the mess they found themselves in? The answer is a resounding yes, and we’ll explore the aftermath of their experiences in this episode.

Monroe Fuches Takes Action

The episode starts with Fuches taking action upon discovering that Hank has captured his son and Barry’s girlfriend. Fuches arrives to rescue his loved ones, but things soon take a wrong turn.

Barry Gears Up For a Showdown

Meanwhile, Barry is busy gearing up for a confrontation with Hank’s gang, loading up on guns at a local department store. He heads to NoHoBal headquarters, ready for battle.

A Final Showdown

As Fuches obtains John from Hank, he saves his son in the midst of a battle between their groups and hands him over to Barry.

The Fate of Supporting Cast Members

As with any finale, we also get an update on the fate of the show’s supporting cast members. Highlights include the announcement of the reopening of Janice’s murder case, and the reveal of Sally and Gene’s plight.

Gene’s Dark Place

Gene retreats to his bedroom, lost in thought and contemplating his involvement in Janice’s death. He shuts the door and pulls out a gun, intending to end his life.

Crisis Averted or New One Emerging?

Barry is confronted by a painful truth that leaves him pondering his next course of action. Does he turn himself in or try to find redemption?

Sally Saves Herself

Sally realizes that Gene’s situation isn’t just sad; it’s dangerous. She makes a quick decision that saves her life.

Jumping Forward in Time

The finale wraps up with a flash-forward that takes us to a future point in time where John is a teenager and Sally is directing a play.

Is This Really Goodbye?

With all the build-up, it’s understandable that fans would be concerned about Barry being canceled. We’ll take a closer look at the show’s future prospects and what we know so far about possible new seasons.

Barry’s Key Takeaways and Impacts

In this section, we’ll review the key takeaways from the season finale and the impacts they’ll have on the show’s future and its beloved characters.

The Finale’s Grade

Finally, no TV finale review is complete without a grade! We’ll offer our thoughts on Barry season 4 episode 8, and why we feel this show is still one of the best on TV.


Barry season 4 episode 8 may be the end of the road for the beloved HBO series, but fans have plenty to keep them talking about for a long time to come. With its thrilling plot and well-developed characters, Barry has cemented itself as must-watch television. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out this critical darling!

Five FAQs

1. Is Barry season 4 the last one?

Ans: Yes, Barry season 4 is the final season of the show.

2. Will Barry be renewed for another season?

Ans: There are currently no plans to renew Barry for another season.

3. What happens in the series finale of Barry?

Ans: The series finale of Barry sees major confrontations between the show’s main characters, and concludes with a flash-forward to a future point in time.

4. Is Barry a comedy or thriller?

Ans: Barry is a dark comedy that incorporates elements of the thriller genre.

5. Where can I watch Barry?

Ans: Barry can be streamed on HBO.


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