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Selling Sunset Season 7: Renewal Confirmed! Find Out Who’s In and Who’s Out!

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Selling Sunset Season 7: Premiere Date, Cast Members, and More

Are you eagerly waiting for the next season of your favorite reality show Selling Sunset on Netflix? Here’s everything you need to know about Selling Sunset Season 7, including its expected release date, cast members, plot, and more.

When is Selling Sunset Season 7 coming out?

As of now, Netflix has not confirmed the premiere date of Selling Sunset Season 7. However, the streaming giant confirmed the renewal of the popular real estate reality show in June 2022, around a month before the release of Season 6. According to sources, the filming of Selling Sunset Season 7 is already underway, which means the latest season might drop on Netflix in 2024.

Who are the returning cast members in Selling Sunset Season 7?

Most of the main cast members are expected to reprise their roles in Season 7, including twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Amanza Smith, Emma Hernan, Chelsea Lazkani, and Nicole Young. Heather Rae-Young, who was on maternity leave during filming for Season 6, may also appear in Season 7.

Who are the new cast members in Selling Sunset Season 7?

Netflix recently announced two new additions to the cast of Selling Sunset Season 7: Nicole Young, a veteran real estate agent from the Oppenheim Group, and Bre Tiesi, a model-turned-realtor.

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Who will not be returning to Selling Sunset season 7?

One of the biggest names missing from the list of cast members for Season 7 is Christine Quinn. The former Oppenheim Group realtor, who was a fan favorite, left the show after Season 5. Meanwhile, Vanessa Villela and Maya Vander may or may not return to the show in Season 7.

Why did Christine Quinn leave Selling Sunset?

Christine Quinn left Selling Sunset to focus on her new business venture, RealOpen, which allows crypto investors to purchase luxury real estate easily. Also, she had issues with the show’s focus on revealing clothing and felt that her colleagues didn’t need to be treated that way.

What can we expect from Selling Sunset Season 7?

While there is not much information out there about the plot of Selling Sunset Season 7, we can expect more of the same exciting real estate deals, personal dramas, and non-stop entertainment that made the previous seasons so addictive.

Will Chrishell Stause’s relationship with G Flip be featured in Selling Sunset season 7?

Yes, Chrishell Stause’s relationship with partner G Flip was documented in Season 6, and it’s likely to continue and develop in Season 7 as well.

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Selling Sunset is a popular reality show on Netflix and has a loyal fan base eagerly waiting for the next season. While the official premiere date of Season 7 is not confirmed yet, filming is already underway, and we can expect more of the same high-drama real estate deals and juicy personal stories.


1. Can I watch Selling Sunset Season 7 for free on Netflix?

No, you need a Netflix subscription to watch Selling Sunset Season 7.

2. Are all episodes of Selling Sunset Season 7 dropping at once?

Most likely, yes. Netflix usually drops all the episodes of a season at once.

3. Will Heather Rae Young be in Selling Sunset Season 7?

It’s unclear how much screen time Heather Rae Young will get in Selling Sunset Season 7, but she is expected to return after her maternity leave.

4. Is Selling Sunset based on a true story?

While the show’s cast members, storylines, and events are based on real-life scenarios, Selling Sunset is a reality TV show and not a documentary.

5. Can I binge-watch all seasons of Selling Sunset on Netflix?

Yes, all current seasons of Selling Sunset are available to watch on Netflix.


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