Sonic Prime Season 2: Release Date, Plot Details, and More Revealed – Exciting News!

“Sonic Prime” is a computer-animated Netflix television series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The show is the sixth animated series based on Sonic and the first to debut on a streaming service. It is being produced by Sega, Man of Action Entertainment, and WildBrain, and it has been announced that the show will have three seasons with eight episodes each.

The Release Date of “Sonic Prime”: July 2023

According to Netflix, the next set of episodes of “Sonic Prime” will be available on the streaming service on July 13, 2023.

“Sonic Prime” Synopsis: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Redemption

“Sonic Prime” follows Sonic and his race to save a “strange new multiverse” after a fierce battle with Dr. Eggman results in a universe-shattering event. Sonic discovers new worlds and new allies along the way. The show is described as a high-octane adventure and a journey of self-discovery and redemption for Sonic.

Plot of “Sonic Prime”

Completely unaware of Dr. Eggman’s latest scheme, Sonic and crew embark on a journey to a mysterious object known as the Paradox Prism. Whilst trying to keep the prism from falling into Eggman’s hands, Sonic accidentally breaks it to pieces and vanishes. He wakes up in a multiverse and is helped by a doppelgänger named Nine.

Development Details


The development was announced on February 1, 2021.

Production Company

The show is being produced by Sega, Man of Action Entertainment, and WildBrain.

Expected Number of Episodes

“Sonic Prime” is expected to have 24 episodes, with each season consisting of eight episodes.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Several companies, including Ravensburger and E Plus M, are producing merchandise to promote the show. In addition, the team behind “Sonic Prime” held a panel at the Toronto Animation Arts Festival, where they provided a behind-the-scenes look at the show.

The New Trailer

The new trailer shows more of the plot: After a fight against Eggman, Sonic accidentally destroys the Paradox Prism, causing him to be sent to another universe. Here, the Chaos Council, an evil group of five versions of Eggman that come from alternate dimensions, rules with an iron fist. Sonic, alongside alternate versions of his friends, must work together to prevent the Council from attempting to take control of the Shatterspaces.

Reception and Criticism

“Sonic Prime” has received generally positive reviews from critics. Critics praised the new interesting story but criticized issues in pacing.


“Sonic Prime” is a highly anticipated computer-animated Netflix television series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series, produced by Sega, Man of Action Entertainment, and WildBrain. It follows Sonic and his adventure, after a fierce battle with Dr. Eggman, to save a “strange new multiverse”. At its core, “Sonic Prime” is a journey of self-discovery and redemption for Sonic, as he meets new friends and discovers new worlds. It is set to be released next year, and fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival.


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