Succession Season 4 Easter Eggs: Find Out the Hidden Clues in Posters and Finale!

Succession Season 4 Easter Eggs: Hidden Clues in Posters and Finale

Succession Season 4 has come to an end, and fans are still reeling from the intense finale. However, viewers have discovered a few hidden clues throughout the season that may have hinted at the outcome. Let’s take a closer look at the posters and easter eggs from Succession Season 4.

Shiv’s Post-season Fate

Fans of Succession were left on the edge of their seat when Shiv played a crucial role in the season finale. Creator Jesse Armstrong spoke about Shiv’s fate in a featurette. According to him, Shiv is in a “rather terrifying, frozen emotionally barren place.” He also mentioned that “there’s gonna be some movement there. There’s still a lot of that game to play out, but that’s where we leave it.”

Shiv’s Season 4 Poster

One of the most significant easter eggs was Shiv’s season 4 character poster. It shows Shiv standing behind Tom, who eventually becomes the CEO, hinting at her questionable and shadowy future.

Reflection in Glass

Another poster from HBO Max shows the family reflected in the glass, suggesting the need to look closely to gain a deeper insight into the dynamics.

Fate of the Roy Children

Succession follows the Roy family’s wealthy and powerful dynasty, and the final season was no different. The poster for the final season featured all the family members except Marcia. The children are shown orbiting around Logan, hinting at their desperation to regain their stake in Waystar Royco.

Logan, Tom, and Greg

Logan is positioned in the centre of the poster, flanked by Tom and Greg, both of whom sold out the other family members at the end of the last season. This suggests their unspoken allegiance to him as he continues to manipulate and control family relationships and the company.

A Future of Alliances

The poster and the finale set the scene for a mad scramble by the Roy children to form alliances with their father, the otherwise villainous CEO of the company. He is the only one left with a stake in Waystar Royco.

Fractured Family

The children are not on good terms, and the season’s end saw them squabbling and in despair, unsure of their future. The previously feared Roy family became thoroughly fractured.

Unbuttoned and Turtlenecked

In the poster, Shiv wears a turtleneck, and the rest of the children, except for Tom, are dressed casually, left undone or unbuttoned. Shiv’s and the children’s body language suggest that they are uneasy and unsure of their position within the family.


Succession season 4 was a roller coaster ride filled with suspense and surprises. The posters and easter eggs gave viewers some insight into what to expect from the show’s characters and dynamics. We can look forward to a continuation of the Roy family’s vicious pursuits in future seasons.


1. Can we expect another season of Succession?

Yes! Season 5 has been confirmed to be in development.

2. Did Shiv lose everything in the finale?

No, Shiv still has her millions and could potentially continue operating behind the scenes.

3. Which character sold out their siblings at the end of the last season?

Tom and Greg sold out their family members to Logan.

4. Who is the central figure in Succession?

Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, is the CEO of the company and the central figure in Succession.

5. How do the Roy children dress on the final season’s poster?

Except for Tom, the children are dressed casually, with unbuttoned or undone shirts, with Shiv wearing a turtleneck.


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