The Boys Season 3 Finale: What Happened and What’s Next

Season 3 of The Boys has come to an explosive conclusion, leaving fans eager for more. In this article, we’ll break down the finale and what it means for the future of the show.


To understand the events of the finale, let’s first recap some of the major storylines from throughout the season:

The Boys vs Payback

The season kicked off with Butcher and Hughie teaming up with long-lost superhero Soldier Boy to take revenge on his old team, Payback. The rest of The Boys disagreed with the plan, but Butcher and Hughie continued on, aided by the use of “Temp V” which gave them temporary superpowers.

The discovery of Homelander’s son

Meanwhile, Soldier Boy discovered that Homelander was actually his son, created from his genetic material. This revelation added a new layer of complexity to the ongoing conflict between The Boys and The Seven.

The Anti-Supe weapon

Midway through the season, The Boys learned of a mysterious Anti-Supe weapon that could potentially take down Homelander and the other supes for good.

The Finale

Now, let’s dive into what actually went down in the season 3 finale:

Battle at Vought Tower

The episode picks up with Butcher, Soldier Boy, and Maeve taking on Homelander and his son Ryan at Vought Tower. Soldier Boy is conflicted about killing his own son, but eventually decides to go through with it. In the ensuing scuffle, Ryan is injured and Maeve continues her fight against Homelander.

The depowering of Maeve

Maeve is ultimately successful in her battle against Homelander, but at a cost – she is depowered in the process. She disappears from the public eye, allowing everyone to believe she has died in the conflict.

The death of Black Noir

Meanwhile, Homelander kills Black Noir after discovering that he knew the truth about his parentage all along.

Butcher’s illness

Back at The Boys’ headquarters, Butcher discovers that he is terminally ill due to his prolonged use of Temp V.

Starlight joins The Boys

Finally, Starlight becomes an official member of The Boys.

What’s Next?

So where does the show go from here? Here are a few potential storylines for season 4:

The aftermath of Homelander’s public killing

The finale ended with Homelander finally giving in to his homicidal tendencies and killing a protestor in public. How will the world respond to this act of violence?

Butcher’s impending death

With Butcher’s diagnosis, his days are clearly numbered. How will this knowledge impact his decisions moving forward, and what plans will The Boys make for their future without him?

The continued conflict between The Boys and The Seven

Even with the temporary resolution in the finale, it’s clear that the conflict between The Boys and The Seven is far from over. What new strategies will be employed by both sides in their ongoing battle?

Ryan’s development

The finale hinted at a potential darker turn for Ryan’s character. Will he continue to follow in his father’s footsteps, or will he find his own ways to wield his powers?


The Boys season 3 finale was a wild ride, setting up plenty of potential storylines for the future. Fans will definitely be excited to see where the show goes next.


1. When will The Boys season 4 be released?

As of now, there is no official release date for season 4 of The Boys.

2. Will Jensen Ackles be returning for season 4?

It’s unclear at this time whether Jensen Ackles will be returning to the show for season 4.

3. Will Maeve be back in action in season 4?

Maeve’s depowering at the end of season 3 seems to suggest that her superhero days are over, but it’s always possible that she could make a return in some capacity.

4. Are there any new characters joining the show in season 4?

As of now, no new characters have been confirmed for season 4.

5. Will season 4 be the last season of The Boys?

As of now, there’s no confirmation on whether season 4 will be the final season of the show. It’s possible that the show could continue for several more seasons, depending on its ongoing success.


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