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Unravel the Intense Conspiracies of Yellowjackets Season 2: All Episodes Guide and Cast Revealed

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Yellowjackets Season 2: Release Date, Cast and Episode Guide

The darkness, the conspiracies, the wild adventures of Shauna, Taissa, Natalie, and Misty are finally back with Yellowjackets season 2. Created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, the show’s first season left us in awe and suspense, and season 2 promises more than that. Here’s everything you need to know about Yellowjackets Season 2, from release dates to the cast and episode guides.

Release Date

Get your calendars ready as Yellowjackets season 2 premiered on March 24, 2023, and new episodes are released every Friday, exclusively on Showtime and Paramount+. Subscribed viewers can watch this show as soon as it airs or stream it on demand.

Episode Guide

Yellowjackets season 2 features nine intense episodes that every viewer will want to watch. Here’s the complete list of all the episodes:

Episode 1: Friends, Romans, Countrymen

The premiere episode was entitled “Friends, Romans, Countrymen.” It airs on March 24, 2023.

Episode 2: Edible Complex

The second episode air date is set to April 2, 2023, and is titled “Edible Complex”.

Episode 3: Digestif

The third episode is entitled “Digestif” and is set to air on April 9, 2023.

Episode 4: Old Wounds

Watch “Old Wounds,” the fourth episode, on April 16, 2023.

Episode 5: Two Truths and a Lie

“Two Truths and a Lie,” the fifth episode, premieres on April 23, 2023.

Episode 6: Qui

On May 5, 2023, the sixth episode, “Qui,” will be released for watching.

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Episode 7: Burial

The seventh episode, titled “Burial”, will air on May 12, 2023.

Episode 8: It Chooses

“It Chooses,” the eighth episode, is set to air on May 19, 2023.

Episode 9: Storytelling

Finally, the ninth and last episode of the season, “Storytelling,” will air on May 26, 2023.


Yellowjackets season 2 features the favorite cast from season one, including Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sophie Thatcher, and Juliette Lewis.

New faces are also added to the cast, including Lauren Ambrode, Simone Kessell, and Elijah Wood.

What to expect from season 2

Season 2 will be darker with higher stakes, wilder conspiracies, creepy supernatural elements, and ’90s songs in the background that you’ll certainly want to sing along to.

Lottie (Courtney Eaton), the main character of the show’s supernatural mystery arriving at the end of season one, will now be present in the current timeline, teasing a compelling storyline for this season. The addition of Lauren Ambrose as the adult version of Van and Elijah wood as Walter adds to the overall flavor of this season.

How to watch Yellowjackets Season 2

You can watch Yellowjackets S2 on Showtime’s streaming platform or cable TV. New episodes are released every Friday on the app, and episodes are premiered every Sunday for cable TV viewers.

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As a fan of Yellowjackets, season 2 is not to be missed, especially its intense storyline, the beautiful revamped cast, and fantastic twists. Wherever you’ll opt to watch, you’ll undoubtedly be able to have an enthralling and exciting movie experience. Save the date, set your alarms, and enjoy the show.


1) How many episodes are there in Yellowjackets season 2?

Season 2 of Yellowjackets has nine episodes, which are all exclusively available on Showtime and Paramount+.

2) When does the first episode of Yellowjackets Season 2 come out?

The first episode of Yellowjackets season 2 titled “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” has premiered on March 24, 2023.

3) Who is in the cast of Yellowjackets season 2?

The cast of Yellowjackets season 2 features regulars Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sophie Thatcher, and Juliette Lewis, as well as new additions such as Elijah Wood, Simone Kessell, and Lauren Ambrode.

4) How can I watch Yellowjackets season 2?

You can watch Yellowjackets season 2 on Showtime’s streaming app or cable television. New episodes are released every Friday.

5) What can we expect from season 2 of Yellowjackets?

Season 2 of Yellowjackets will be darker, more thrilling, and will feature new cast members, including Elijah Wood and Lauren Ambrode. Lottie, who was one of the most interesting characters from Season 1, will now appear throughout the entire current timeline, revealing an exciting and compelling story.


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