Discover the Explosive Release Date and Juicy Details for Spy x Family Season 2!

Spy x Family Season 2 Release Date and Details

If you’re a fan of Spy x Family, exciting news is just around the corner. Spy x Family’s second season is slated to be released in October 2023, and the title of the much-awaited movie, Spy x Family CODE: White, will be released shortly after that. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming season and movie.


Spy x Family is an anime series that gained a massive global following after being released in two halves in 2022. It is a unique mix of 1960s screwball spy comedy and found-family tropes. Everyone who watches the show falls in love with the Forger family, a dysfunctional, yet endearing family with supernatural and government secrets at their core.

Release Date and Visuals

Spy x Family season 2 will be released on October 1st, 2023, while the movie, Spy x Family CODE: White, will be released two months later on December 22. A couple of new key visuals have also been released, which hint at what viewers can expect from the upcoming series. One of the visuals features the Forger family, with Loid and Yor on opposite sides and Anya and Bond in the middle, while the second visual teases the Cruise Adventure arc.


Spy x Family is a collaborative effort between WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks, with many good relationships between several supporting studios. The next season’s production will be a continuation of the partnership between the two studios, according to Kazuki Yamanaka, the animation producer.

Voice Cast

Many of the talented actors who voiced beloved characters in the first season will be returning for season two. This includes the Japan-based voice actors Takuya Eguchi and Saori Hayami, who voiced Loid Forger and Yor Forger, respectively, while the English-speaking actors Alex Organ and Natalie Van Sistine brought these characters to life for viewers who preferred the dubbed version.


Spy x Family follows the story of Loid, an exceptional spy, and Yor, a lovable assassin, as they raise their adopted daughter Anya, who is an even more lovable telepath. Despite their peculiarities and secrets, the three form the perfect spy family and support each other in their espionage assignments.

Number of Episodes and Adapted Content

Season one of Spy x Family roughly covered six volumes (37 chapters) of the manga, and season two is expected to cover a similar amount. At the time of writing, only five volumes of the manga (chapters 37-72) remain unadapted, providing plenty of source material for season two’s storyline.

Famous Arcs

Among the unadapted content is a family cruise arc that viewers are eagerly anticipating, which will likely be the focus of season two. Another popular arc sees Anya fighting to save the day with her toy sniper rifle, a beloved weapon that fans are hoping to see more of in future episodes.


Megan Shipman, the voice actor for Anya, believes that many viewers fell in love with the telepathic character because she is an actual child with a child’s mentality, instead of a 10,000-year-old being in a five-year-old’s body. Fans also love Loid’s super spy (and super dad) instincts, Yor’s unhinged reactions, and Emile Elman, Yuri Briar, and Sylvia Sherwood’s eclectic personalities.

Season 2 Trailer

A teaser trailer for season two was released in December 2022, which includes Loid asking Yor on a date and the family boarding a giant boat for another mission. The trailer confirms the anticipated family cruise arc and the release of the family’s first animated movie.

Crunchyroll Availability

Spy x Family is available for viewing on the popular streaming service Crunchyroll. Anyone who has missed it so far or wants to catch up before the second season airs can watch the show on this platform.


The second season of Spy x Family is highly anticipated, and fans can expect the continuation of quirky espionage adventures featuring their favorite characters. The show’s cast, production team, and source material have all contributed to its impressive success, and it stands out as a unique and endearing anime series.


1. What is Spy x Family about?

Spy x Family is an anime series about a spy named Loid and an assassin named Yor raising an adopted daughter, Anya, who is a telepath. They form the perfect spy family and lean on each other’s abilities to get the job done.

2. Will there be a season 3 of Spy x Family?

There is no news on whether there will be a season three of Spy x Family. However, with the success it has achieved, it is highly possible.

3. Where can I watch Spy x Family?

Spy x Family can be viewed on the streaming platform, Crunchyroll.

4. Who are the voice actors of Loid, Yor, and Anya?

Takuya Eguchi and Alex Organ provided the voice for Loid in Japanese and English editions, respectively. Saori Hayami and Natalie Van Sistine voiced Yor for the Japanese and English editions, respectively. Atsumi Tanezaki and Megan Shipman gave their voice to Anya in the Japanese and English editions, respectively.

5. When is the Spy x Family movie coming out?

The Spy x Family movie, with the title Spy x Family CODE: White, is scheduled to release in Japan on December 22, 2023, two months after the release of season two.


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