Fatima Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands in Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 3 Finale

The Good With The Bad Season 3 Finale Recap: Fatima Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

The season 3 finale of Tyler Perry’s Sistas brought a lot of twists and turns. From Karen’s pregnancy to Zac’s woes with Hayden, the episode was packed with exciting moments. However, the scene stealer of the episode was Fatima, who took matters into her own hands. Read on for a recap of the episode.

Karen is Pregnant

Zac tells Fatima that Karen is pregnant, and she takes the news surprisingly well. When Zac tells her that he’s not sure if the baby is his, she remains calm and tells him that Karen will know for sure.

Hayden Threatens Zac

Zac then tells Fatima that Hayden has threatened him and told him to leave Fatima alone. Fatima tries to reason with Hayden, but he’s not listening. So, she takes matters into her own hands.

Fatima Handles Hayden

Fatima ambushes Hayden by getting into the passenger seat of his car. Hayden jokes about sending Zac to prison, but Fatima tells him that he can’t prove anything. She then takes out her brass knuckles and beats him up while her henchmen handle the rest.

Andi’s Nightmare

After waking up from a passionate night with Robin, Andi is blindsided by an unwelcome appearance by Gary. This can’t be real, right? Surely this is a fever dream.

Maurice Has a Breakthrough

Maurice has a breakthrough with Sabrina when he realizes he’s been trying to save Que because his own father struggled with drug abuse.

Danni Hooks Up With El Fuego

Danni hooks up with El Fuego, and Preston catches her red-handed.

Fatima’s White Outfit

Zac tells Fatima that her all-white outfit is kind of scary, but Fatima tells him that it’s dope.

Fatima is a Badass

Fatima’s bravery and toughness are on full display in the season 3 finale. She doesn’t back down from anyone, and she takes matters into her own hands when she needs to.

Andi’s Love Life is a Mess

Andi’s love life continues to be a mess. Just when things seemed to be going well with Robin, Gary shows up and ruins everything.

Maurice is Working Through His Issues

Maurice is working through his own issues while trying to help Que. He’s taking steps to break the cycle of addiction, but it’s not easy.

Danni’s Infidelity is Caught

Danni’s infidelity is caught by Preston, and he’s understandably upset. It remains to be seen what will happen in their relationship.

Fatima is a Mix of Olivia Pope and a Bouncer

Fatima’s outfit and actions in the episode make her seem like a mix of Olivia Pope and a bouncer. She’s determined and tough, but she’s also stylish.

The Finale Sets Up Future Storylines

The season 3 finale sets up future storylines for the show. There are many loose ends that need to be tied up, which will keep viewers coming back for more.

The Show Continues to Captivate Audiences

Overall, Tyler Perry’s Sistas continues to captivate audiences with its engaging storylines, excellent acting, and diverse cast. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next season to see what happens next.


The season 3 finale of Tyler Perry’s Sistas was filled with exciting moments. From Karen’s pregnancy to Fatima’s beatdown of Hayden, the episode kept viewers on the edge of their seats. The episode also sets up future storylines for the show, which will keep fans coming back for more. Tyler Perry’s Sistas continues to captivate audiences with its excellent acting and diverse cast.


1. When will the next season of Tyler Perry’s Sistas premiere?

There’s no official premiere date for the next season of the show. However, it’s expected that the new season will air in 2022.

2. Who plays Fatima in Tyler Perry’s Sistas?

Actress Ebony Obsidian plays the role of Fatima in the show.

3. Is Tyler Perry’s Sistas available to stream online?

Yes, the show is available to stream online via BET+.

4. What other shows has Tyler Perry created?

Tyler Perry has created a number of popular TV shows and movies, including Madea’s Family Reunion, House of Payne, The Haves and the Have Nots, and If Loving You Is Wrong.

5. Who plays Andi in Tyler Perry’s Sistas?

Actress KJ Smith plays the role of Andi in the show.


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