How Long Will Valorant Be Down for Episode 7? Find out the Expected Maintenance Time!

How Long Will Valorant Be Down for Episode 7: Complete Maintenance Schedule and Details

Valorant Episode 7 launch is one of the most highly anticipated events for the shooter game this year. With its release, fans will be treated to a wealth of new content, including a new agent, Team Deathmatch game mode, and Neo Frontier skin line. However, as with any significant new update, it means taking the servers down temporarily for maintenance. That being said, how long will Valorant be down for Episode 7, and when can you expect the servers to be back up and running again?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Valorant Episode 7 launch and expected maintenance schedule:

Valorant Episode 7 Update: What to Expect

Valorant Episode 7, also known as Evolution, is set to introduce several new features and updates, including:

  • Deadlock, the new Sentinel agent from Norway, who will join the ranks of other agents in the game, bringing new dynamic abilities to the game’s playable roster
  • Team Deathmatch game mode, which gives players a chance to engage in fast-paced action without any restrictions
  • New cosmetics such as the Neo Frontier skin line for select weapons like the Phantom, Sheriff, Marshall, and Axe, among others
  • An updated progression system

Valorant Episode 7 Maintenance Schedule

As per the official Valorant server status page, the game’s servers will be taken down temporarily for maintenance on June 27, 2023. The maintenance period is expected to last for a few hours, during which users will not be able to access the game. The maintenance will take place at different times depending on the region:

RegionTime (PDT)
Asia Pacific14:00
Latin America06:00
North America06:00

How Long Will Valorant Be Down for Episode 7?

The duration of the Valorant maintenance period will vary depending on factors like the size of the update and possible issues encountered while patching. However, based on previous updates, the expected downtime for Valorant servers for Episode 7 is around 5-6 hours. This estimate is subject to change, depending on how much content or fixes Riot is implementing with the patch.

Valuing Patience During Maintenance Time

As a gamer, waiting for server maintenance to end can be challenging, especially for fans eagerly waiting for new updates. It’s essential to remember that the maintenance period is necessary for a smooth and seamless gaming experience, and Riot takes it seriously. It’s also a good time to take breaks from the screen, rest, or do other things to prepare for re-entering the gaming world. Patience and understanding go a long way in keeping the mind refreshed and ready for intense gaming action.


Valorant Episode 7 is expected to bring a host of new features and updates to the popular shooter game. Fans are eagerly awaiting the launch, along with the downtime required for server maintenance for the game’s next major update. Remember, timing for maintenance schedules can vary, and It’s essential to plan accordingly. Valorant maintenance for Episode 7 Act 1 is anticipated to last 5-6 hours, so take a break and come back to the game for the exciting changes after maintenance is over.


1. What is the expected release date for Valorant Episode 7: Evolution?

Valorant Episode 7: Evolution is expected to release on June 27, 2023.

2. Are there any new agents coming to Valorant Episode 7?

Yes, Valorant Episode 7 will introduce a new Sentinel agent named Deadlock.

3. What are the weapon cosmetics expected to come with the Neo Frontier skin line?

The Neo Frontier skin line for VALORANT is expected to have cosmetics for the following weapons: Phantom, Axe (melee), Sheriff, Marshal, and Odin.

4. Will the Episode 7 update reset my ranks?

Yes, with the release of Valorant patch7.0 and Episode 7, your ranks will be reset, and you’ll have to start grinding all over again.

5. How long can the Valorant maintenance for Episode 7 Act 1 last?

The duration of the maintenance period can vary depending on the size of the update, and the specific problems Riot Games is fixing. However, based on the previous downtime for updates, expect Valorant maintenance for Episode 7 Act 1 to last around 5-6 hours.


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