Is Ted Lasso Season 4 Happening? Find Out the Exciting Details About Spinoffs!

Ted Lasso Fans Are Rooting for More! Here’s What We Know About Season 4 and Spinoffs

Ever since Apple TV+ renewed the Jason Sudeikis-led comedy for a season 3 back in October 2020, fans of the series (and fictional soccer team AFC Richmond, of course) have questioned whether more seasons were on the horizon.

Will there be a Ted Lasso Season 4?

Rumors that Ted Lasso would end after three seasons have swirled since Sudeikis said that “was just the way [they] conceived” the show in July 2021, and seemingly the Saturday Night Live alum’s word is among the select few individuals who can confirm the status of the show’s future.

The Cast’s Teases

Executive producer Bill Lawrence revealed to Deadline at the ATX TV Festival in June 2022 that the decision to keep the sports comedy alive is in the hands of Sudeikis and the show’s producers. However, Sudeikis has kept notably tight-lipped on the topic.

His costar and fellow EP Goldstein further teased the show’s conclusion when speaking to the Sunday Times, suggesting the third season is being written as the show’s last.


After previously teasing he “didn’t know” about the show’s future in September 2022, Sudeikis seemingly confirmed that the forthcoming season of Ted Lasso would be the last. “This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell,” he told Deadline in March 2023.

What Would Ted Lasso Season 4 Be About?

Sudeikis believes that the season 3 finale of Ted Lasso will leave fans content with the series’ wrap, but said, “Until that time comes, I will appreciate the curiosity beyond what we’ve come up with so far.”

Goldstein’s Idea

And curiosity there has been! In fact, Goldstein jokingly put forth a season 4 plot suggestion when speaking to Deadline in March 2023.

Ghost Ted

“Here’s the truth,” began Goldstein. “Five of the lead characters die in the end. I think one of the reasons it’s like, ‘Is this the final season?’ is because it depends on whether Jason is open to doing ghost Ted.”

Will There Be a Ted Lasso Spinoff Series?

Though Ted Lasso season 3 may be the show’s last, fellow EP and costar Hunt revealed “it’s not necessarily the end of the series” when speaking to Deadline in March 2023.


“It’s just likely the end of this story because we always saw it as a three-part thing,” the actor, who plays Coach Beard, added. “We never even knew for sure we’d be able to tell all three parts — and suddenly, here we are. So, there will be some type of closure to this beat but closure is not necessarily the end.”

Yann Yann’s Spinoff Idea

Yann Yann, who plays Christine, had an idea for a spinoff herself! “What if Christine went back to China and started a Ted Lasso-style program with some young girls, and they all become Olympic champions?” she told Women’s Health.

What Would A Ted Lasso Spinoff Series Be About?

Character-Based Spinoffs

Several hints have been dropped about character-based spinoffs, perhaps something along the lines of Brendon Hunt’s Coach Beard-dedicated episode in season 2?

Keepin’ It Secret

When asked about the possibility of a spinoff in a September 2022 interview with Variety, Sudeikis replied, “There could be. [But] if I told you what it was, it’d be the worst spin-off ever.”


There you have it, folks. The future of Ted Lasso seems to be a bit ambiguous at the moment, but we can at least look forward to season 3 premiering this summer. While the idea of a spinoff series is exciting, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete plans in the works quite yet.


1. When will Ted Lasso season 3 release?

The release date for season 3 of Ted Lasso has been set for July 23, 2023, on Apple TV+.

2. Why is there a possibility of a ghost Ted in season 4 of Ted Lasso?

Brett Goldstein, executive producer and actor in Ted Lasso, jokingly put forth the idea that season 4 could include ghost Ted haunting the lockers, but it’s highly unlikely that Apple TV+ would approve such a plotline.

3. Who decides whether Ted Lasso will have more than three seasons?

The decision to continue with Ted Lasso beyond three seasons is ultimately up to Jason Sudeikis and the show’s producers.

4. Could we see character-based spinoffs from Ted Lasso?

Several hints have been dropped about character-based spinoffs from Ted Lasso, but there don’t seem to be any concrete plans in the works yet.

5. Will Ted Lasso season 3 be the last?

Yes, it has been confirmed by Jason Sudeikis that season 3 of Ted Lasso will be the last.


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