Is Terry Crews Gay? Unveiling The Truth About Terry Crews’ Sexuality And Personal Life.

Is Terry Crews Gay?

Terry Crews, known for his impressive acting skills and NFL career, is among the few people who have found success in more than one field. He has a wide fan base, and people are always curious about his personal life. One of the most curious questions they’ve come around to is if Terry Crews gay or not. Let’s get the question answered and settled once and for all.

Early Life and Career

Terry Crews was born on July 30th, 1968, in Flint, Michigan. His mother, Patricia Crews, played a significant role in raising him as a Christian, primarily because of his father’s alcohol addiction. He attended Flint Southwestern School, where he received his high school diploma. Thanks to a Chrysler Corporation scholarship, he was awarded a scholarship to study at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen. Terry was selected as a defensive end for the WMU Broncos, where he won various accolades from contributing to his team’s 1988 MAC Championship victory.

In addition, Terry Crews is among the few people who’ve built successful careers in multiple fields. Crews previously excelled as a defensive end for the Western Michigan Broncos football team and won several awards. Though selected by the Los Angeles Rams in the 1991 NFL draft, he played for the San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins, and the Philadelphia Eagles where he participated in a total of 32 games between 1991 and 1995. Despite being a decent American football player, he left playing professionally in 1997 after realizing that his career in the sport was not heading anywhere remarkable.

Terry Crews Married Life And Children

Terry Crews astonishingly balanced his career along with his personal life. Terry Crews married actress and former beauty queen Rebecca King-Crews in July 1989. The two met at Western Michigan University while studying, where Terry played for the university’s football team and have been together ever since. The couple had five children; Naomi Burton-Crew, Azriel Crews, Tera Crews, Wynfrey Crews, and the sole boy, Isaiah Cre

ews. Terry Crews adopted Rebecca’s daughter, Naomi, from a previous relationship with Charles Burton. Naomi has a daughter, Miley Crews, who also appears on “The Family Crews,” a reality TV show that chronicles the Crews family’s adventures.

On Terry Crews’ Sexuality

For those who are curious about Terry Crews’ sexuality, rest assured that he’s straight. However, early in his career, Terry Crews became subject to scrutiny from the public and rumors surrounding his sexuality. Terry Crews has always been open about his personal life. It was not a secret that he grew up in an abusive home with an alcoholic father. The actor was also open about his struggle with pornography addiction and how he overcame it. Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews, who have been married for 33 years now, have been open about their faith and how it helped them save their marriage.

Terry Crews Sexual Assault Case

In late 2017, Terry Crews became a victim of sexual assault by a male Hollywood executive, Adam Venit, in 2016. As the #MeToo movement was on the rise, Terry Crews stepped forward and spoke about his experience. While he was understandably scared, Terry Crews revealed his assault through a series of tweets. Some people criticized him for not “fighting back,” but Terry Crews stated that he was fearful of what would happen to him if he tried to physically attack Venit.

Terry tells his story:


— terry crews (@terrycrews) November 28, 2017

Terry’s tweet as of November 28th, 2017
My wife and I were at a Hollywood function last year, and a high-level Hollywood executive came over to me and groped my privates. Jumping back I said What are you doing?! My wife saw everything and we looked at him like he was crazy. He just grinned like a jerk.


Terry Crews is a talented actor who has had a successful career in both football and Hollywood. While there have been rumors surrounding his sexuality, Terry Crews has always been open about his personal life and relationship with Rebecca King-Crews. We hope this article will put all the rumors to rest and that fans can continue supporting Terry Crews for years to come.


Q1) Is Terry Crews Gay?


A1) Terry Crews is straight, and he is currently married to actress Rebecca King-Crews for over three decades.

Q2) Did Terry Crews openly admit to being gay?


A2) Terry Crews is not gay. He is openly admitting to how faith helped him overcome his pornography addiction and save his marriage.

Q3) Did Terry Crews file a lawsuit against Adam Venit sexual assault?


A3) Terry Crews did file a lawsuit against Adam Venit, a former WME Entertainment executive, for sexual assault that happened in 2016. However, Terry Crews dropped the suit in 2019 after Venit stepped down from his job.

Q4) What are Terry Crews’ notable acting projects?


A4) Terry Crews’ most notable acting projects include “The Expendables” series, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and “Everybody Hates Chris.”

Q5) What caused Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews’ almost separation?


A5) Terry Crews’ addiction to pornography led him to nearly separate from Rebecca King-Crews.


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