Population Census Tarkov: Complete the Quest and Get Rich Rewards Now!

If you are an avid player of the first-person shooter video game, Escape from Tarkov, the chances are that you are familiar with the Population Census quest. This highly lucrative pick-up quest is available on the Streets of Tarkov map and requires players to have reached level 12 before they can start. They must obtain a journal containing residence details and then hand it over to get generous rewards such as experience points, Therapist Rep boosts, Roubles, and valuable loot. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to complete Population Census Quest in Tarkov.

Steps in completing Population Census Quest

Step 1 – Receive the Quest from Therapist

Therapist will give you instructions about the quest. You need to find the list of all the residents of the city and subtract the already evacuated, the dead, and those who found shelter in the hospital. Your task is to bring her the journal from the Primorsky District’s Housing Department so that she can determine how many people have gone missing in the city.

Step 2 – Obtain the Journal Containing Resident Details

The journal is the quest item that looks like an in-game model of a Diary. With the last 0.13 update, the game developers have added a new quest item spawn variation that features multiple spots instead of one static location. The journal spawns in one of the five locations inside a small building near the Pinewood Hotel. Ensure that you search all rooms because the item spawns on several spots.

Step 3 – Hand Over the Journal to Therapist

After you find the journal, pick it up, and carry it out of the building. Bring it back to the Therapist to complete the quest. Congratulations! You have completed the Population Census quest.

Population Census Building Location

The Population Census quest takes place inside a small building near the big IDEA poster, which is located in the northwest part of the map. Here is the location of the building:

LocationIn the courtyard across from the Pinewood hotel
Main DoorBlocked by sandbags
Other EntranceFrom the side street
– Journal (diary spawn)– 2 Salewa first aid kits

Population Census Journal Locations

The Journal can spawn in one of the five locations in the building. Here are the five possible spawn locations inside the building:

Spawn #LocationNote
1The first room from the entranceCheck the bookshelves if it spawns here
2On the computer tableThe most common spawn location
3Inside the room next to the stairs going upCheck the reception desk near the plant
4On the table next to the desk lamp
5Upstairs in the unlocked roomCheck the floor near the fallen shelf

How to Extract

Extraction can be tricky because the Tarkov city is still small, and there are many players in the game. You may encounter some obstacles while extracting.

Extract Locations

Extraction PointLocation
ZB-1012In the northwest corner of the map near three large warehouses.
ZB-1011At the end of a small peninsula in the west-central part of the map.
Old StationDown the hill from the northwest-most spawn point in the map.
UN RoadblockIn the southwest corner of the map near two large silos.
Railroad To PortIn the northeast corner of the map near the old railway.
TunnelIn the southwestern section of the map on a hill.
Scav LandsIn the southeast corner of the map near the railroad.
Cliff DescentNorth of the IDEA store and near a sniper tower.
South V-ExitAt the southern end of the map near the railway.
Airport TowerAt the end of the Southern runway.

Closing Thoughts

The Population Census quest in Tarkov is a challenging but rewarding quest that requires players to be at a certain level to participate in it. The quest can take some time to complete, but it is worth the effort. We have provided you with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to complete the quest. Follow these steps, and you’ll be done in no time!


Q1. What are some other quests in Escape from Tarkov?

There are several other quests in the game, such as the Huntsman Path – Justice, Collector, Sew it Good – Part 1, and more. Each quest has its own rewards and challenges.

Q2. Can I complete the Population Census quest without the journal?

No, you need the journal to complete the quest. The journal is the quest item that contains the resident details you need to give to the Therapist.

Q3. Can I complete the Population Census quest alone?

Yes, you can complete the quest alone. However, it is always recommended to play with your friends or join a clan to help you out in case you face any challenges during the mission.


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