The Chi Season 6 Production Paused: Everything You Need to Know about the Unexpected Delay

The Chi Season 6 Production Pauses Due to WGA Strike-Related Picketing

The Chi has been one of the most popular TV series since it first aired in 2018 with five seasons now under its belt. Unfortunately, production on the sixth season has been paused due to WGA strike-related picketing. Showtime has not yet set a premiere date for season 6. In this article, we will take a closer look at what has happened and what we can expect from The Chi Season 6.

What is The Chi Season 6 Release Date?

The Chi Season 6 Release Date Speculation

  • We currently don’t know The Chi season 6 release date, but it’s definitely coming.
  • The Chi season 6 was renewed by Showtime back in August, while the fifth season was still in full swing.
  • As the fifth season started airing on June 24, 2022, a 2023 release date for the continuation might be on the cards.

The Chi Season 6 Production Pauses due to WGA Strike-Related Picketing

  • Showtime’s hit drama series The Chi, which films entirely in Chicago, has paused production on its upcoming sixth season due to WGA strike-related picketing.
  • Eight episodes from Season 6 have been completed; they were shot before the strike. The planned episode count for season 6 has not been confirmed.
  • It is unclear when production will resume and when it will be safe to do so.

The Chi Season 6 Cast Speculation

Here’s the Expected Cast for The Chi Season 6:

  • Jacob Latimore as Emmett
  • Alex Hibbert as Kevin
  • Yolonda Ross as Jada
  • Shamon Brown as “Papa”
  • Michael Epps as Jake
  • Birgundi Baker as Kiesha
  • Tyla Abercrumbie as Nina
  • Luke James as Victor
  • Curtiss Cook as Douda

The Chi Season 6 Plot Speculation

What to Expect from The Chi Season 6 Plot

  • Season 5 ended with Jada and Darnell getting married with Darnell buying Jada a house.
  • The plot will likely explore the life of Jada and Darnell’s new family, raising expectations for dramatic complications.
  • Kevin will take on his own responsibilities as he faces a nasty legal battle.
  • Emmett has accepted money from Douda to invest in Smokey’s, which causes some concern for Keisha.
  • The relationship between Emmett and Keisha will continue to grow.
  • Victor publically announcing that his relationship with Tierra was a lie and that he loves Fatima instead, sets up the next season for an unprecedented amount of fallout.
  • Season 6 has been teased by showrunner Lena Waithe as being “unlike any other season of The Chi before.”
  • Waithe adds that season 6 will be really emotional with more grit in it.


The Chi Season 6 has already been renewed by Showtime back in August, and the fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. However, due to WGA strike-related picketing, the production of the series has been halted. We can only speculate on the release date and plot of the upcoming season. So, let’s wait and see what the producers have in store for us.


1. What is The Chi TV series about?

The Chi is a coming-of-age drama series set in the South Side of Chicago that focuses on the lives of the residents and their respective stories.

2. Who are the main characters in The Chi?

The main characters of The Chi include Jacob Latimore as Emmett, Alex Hibbert as Kevin, Yolonda Ross as Jada, Shamon Brown as “Papa”, Michael Epps as Jake, Birgundi Baker as Kiesha, Tyla Abercrumbie as Nina, Luke James as Victor, and Curtiss Cook as Douda.

3. When did production for The Chi Season 6 pause and why?

Production for The Chi Season 6 paused due to WGA strike-related picketing, which disrupted the filming process, requiring a temporary halt to it.

4. When is The Chi Season 6 expected to be released?

The official release date for The Chi Season 6 has not been confirmed yet, but speculations suggest that it might arrive sometime in 2023.

5. What can we expect from The Chi Season 6 plot?

Based on how season 5 came to a close, we can expect The Chi Season 6 to explore Jada and Darnell’s new family life, Kevin’s responsibility-taking journey and legal battles, Emmett and Keisha’s relationship, and the unprecedented fallout from Victor’s public announcement.


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