Law and Order Toronto Start Filming: Get Ready for an Intense Crime Drama!

Law & Order Toronto: Filming to Begin Spring 2024

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent, the highly anticipated spinoff of the Law & Order franchise, is set to begin filming in the spring of 2024. This new series, produced by Canadians and starring Canadian talents, will bring the captivating world of high-profile crime and corruption investigations to the streets of metro Toronto. Get ready for a thrilling and authentic portrayal of the Canadian criminal justice system.

1. Production Details

Filming for Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent will kick off in the fall of 2023 in Toronto, with a talented Canadian production team at the helm. The series aims to showcase the unique stories and perspectives of Canada while staying true to the Law & Order brand that fans know and love.

2. The Law & Order Franchise

The Law & Order franchise has become a cultural phenomenon since its inception in 1990. With numerous spinoffs and a vast number of episodes, the franchise has captured audiences worldwide with its gripping storytelling and realistic portrayals of criminal investigations.

3. The Plot

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent follows an elite squad of detectives who tackle high-profile crime and corruption cases in metro Toronto. The series promises to delve into the intricate web of criminal activities while offering an inside look at the Canadian legal system.

3.1 Original Canadian Stories

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent aims to showcase original Canadian stories, highlighting the diverse culture and challenges faced by law enforcement in Toronto. Expect to see gripping narratives inspired by real-life events and the unique dynamics of the city.

3.2 Uncovering Corruption

The detectives in Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent are dedicated to uncovering corruption in all its forms. From political scandals to organized crime, the series explores the dark underbelly of Toronto to ensure justice prevails.

4. The Canadian Cast

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent boasts a talented Canadian cast, bringing authenticity and depth to the characters. With their stellar performances, audiences can expect to be captivated by the on-screen chemistry and powerful portrayals.

5. Episodes and Producers

The first season of Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent will consist of 10 gripping episodes. The series is a collaborative effort between Lark Productions, Cameron Pictures, Dick Wolf’s Wolf Entertainment, Citytv, and Universal Entertainment, ensuring a high-quality production.

6. Release Schedule

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent is set to debut in the spring of 2024 on Citytv. Fans can mark their calendars and anticipate an exciting and thrilling addition to the Law & Order franchise.


Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent is gearing up to be an exceptional addition to the Law & Order franchise, bringing intense crime-solving drama and authentic Canadian storytelling to the small screen. With a stellar Canadian cast and production team, viewers can expect top-notch performances and gripping narratives that will keep them at the edge of their seats.


Q1: Will any characters from previous Law & Order series make an appearance in Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent?

A1: While there haven’t been any official announcements regarding cameos or crossover appearances, fans of the Law & Order franchise can always expect surprises. Keep an eye out for familiar faces!

Q2: Is Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent only focused on Toronto-based crimes?

A2: While the series primarily takes place in Toronto, Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent aims to explore a wide range of crimes, including those with connections beyond the city’s borders. The focus remains on captivating storytelling and compelling investigations.

Q3: Will Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent showcase the Canadian legal system?

A3: Absolutely! Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent aims to provide an authentic portrayal of the Canadian legal system, highlighting the unique aspects and challenges faced by law enforcement and legal professionals in Canada.

Q4: When can international viewers expect to watch Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent?

A4: While specific international release dates haven’t been announced, the Law & Order franchise typically gains international distribution. Fans around the world can look forward to enjoying Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent in their respective regions.

Q5: Will there be future seasons of Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent?

A5: The future of the series will depend on several factors, including audience reception and critical acclaim. If Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent proves to be a success, there is a good chance for future seasons exploring the captivating world of Toronto crime.


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