Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained: Epic Battle, Surprising Twists, and Satisfying Conclusion!

Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained

Ragnarok Season 3 Ending Explained

Ragnarok recently premiered its third season, which is also the final season of the series, on Thursday, August 24, 2023, on Netflix. Created by Adam Price, this fantasy drama series revolves around a teenage boy named Magne, who has been reincarnated as Thor, the Norse god of thunder.

The Quest to Save Edda

The story is set in Hordaland’s Edda, a fictional Norwegian town, and follows Magne’s quest to stop the Jötnars or the Jutuls from causing serious climate problems and other dangerous things. Throughout the series, tensions rise as Magne faces various challenges in his mission to protect Edda and its people.

Magne’s Final Battle

In the ending of Ragnarok season 3, Magne reaches a crucial turning point where he must confront the Jutuls and bring an end to their reign of terror. The finale showcases Magne utilizing his hammer to take down the Jutuls and initiate an epic war between the Gods and the Giants.

A Satisfying Conclusion

Despite the impending war, it is important to note that the series ends on a satisfying note with no unnecessary bloodshed. This conclusion provides closure to the storyline while leaving the audience content with the resolution of the conflicts.

Challenging Incidents

The final season of Ragnarok sees several challenging incidents that ultimately lead to a satisfactory ending. Magne’s development and growing proficiency with his hammer pose a significant threat to the Jutuls, who view his actions as a violation of their truce. Additionally, the pressure intensifies as Fjor tries to manipulate the Midgard serpent to end Magne’s life.

Magne’s Legal Battles

Apart from his godly powers, Magne also fights against the Jutuls through legal means. However, when they kill his witness, Marit, he becomes enraged and starts intimidating them with his powerful hammer. This escalation of tension further fuels the conflict between Magne and the Jutuls.

The Battle for Mjolnir

As the climax of the season approaches, the hammer ends up in the hands of Fjor with the help of Little O and Laurits. Magne, alongside the other gods, must wage a war against the Jutuls to reclaim Mjolnir. Reluctantly, the Jutuls find themselves participating in the war, realizing they have no other viable option.

The Inevitable Hopelessness

Just as the war is about to commence, Magne intervenes and highlights the hopelessness the Jutuls face against the immense power of Mjolnir. This realization leads both the Gods and the Giants to refrain from shedding any further blood, accepting a new world order that includes a better and pollution-free city of Edda.

A Resolution and Reunion

One of the significant highlights of Ragnarok season 3 finale is the reunion between Signy and Magne. Despite past misunderstandings and Magne’s involvement with Saxa, Signy grants him one last chance to prove himself, which he embraces wholeheartedly. This final resolution brings a satisfying end to the plot, leaving the audience fulfilled.


Ragnarok season 3 concludes with an action-packed finale that ties up loose ends and provides a satisfactory ending to the series. The battle between Magne and the Jutuls, the resolution of conflicts, and the reunion of characters add depth and excitement to the overall narrative. Fans of the show will not be disappointed with the impactful ending.

FAQs about Ragnarok Season 3 Ending

1. Is the ending of Ragnarok season 3 satisfying?

Yes, the ending of Ragnarok season 3 is satisfying as it brings closure to the storyline and resolves conflicts without unnecessary bloodshed.

2. Does Magne defeat the Jutuls in the final season?

Yes, Magne successfully uses his hammer to take down the Jutuls and initiates a war between the Gods and the Giants.

3. What happens to the Jutuls in the end?

The Jutuls accept the order of the New World and step down from their positions of power, allowing for a better and pollution-free city of Edda.

4. Does Magne reconcile with Signy?

Yes, Magne and Signy reconcile in the final episode, granting each other another chance and bringing resolution to their relationships.

5. Can I stream Ragnarok season 3 on Netflix?

Yes, you can currently stream Ragnarok season 3 on Netflix and experience the thrilling conclusion of the series.


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