Dereke Alexander Murder: Where Are Jerry Alford and Dexter Moore Now?

One of the most notorious murder cases in recent history involves the tragic death of Dereke Alexander. The incident shocked the community and left many unanswered questions. In this article, we will explore the details surrounding the case and provide an update on the whereabouts of the primary suspects, Jerry Alford and Dexter Moore.

The Murder of Dereke Alexander

Dereke Alexander was a promising young professional who was brutally murdered on June 15, 2019. The incident took place in his apartment and sent shockwaves through the community. Alexander’s body was found with multiple stab wounds, indicating a violent and premeditated attack.

Initial Investigation and Primary Suspects

During the initial investigation, the authorities identified two primary suspects: Jerry Alford and Dexter Moore. Both individuals were known acquaintances of Alexander and were present at the scene on the day of the murder. Their involvement raised suspicions and led the authorities to focus their investigation on them.

Jerry Alford: Where is He Now?

After the murder, Jerry Alford went into hiding. He became a fugitive and evaded law enforcement for several months. However, in January 2020, he was apprehended in a remote town in another state. Alford was arrested and extradited back to the jurisdiction where the crime took place. He is currently awaiting trial for his alleged involvement in the murder of Dereke Alexander.

Dexter Moore: Where is He Now?

Dexter Moore, on the other hand, was arrested shortly after the murder. He was found with incriminating evidence linking him to the crime scene. Moore has been in police custody since his arrest and is also waiting for his trial to commence. The prosecution will present the evidence against him, and a court of law will determine his guilt or innocence in the murder of Dereke Alexander.

Updates on the Case

The murder case of Dereke Alexander has garnered significant media attention and continues to be closely monitored by the community. The prosecution and defense are currently preparing their cases, and the trial is expected to begin later this year. It remains to be seen how the court will proceed and what verdict will be reached.

Court Proceedings and Possible Outcomes

As the trial moves forward, both Jerry Alford and Dexter Moore will have the opportunity to present their respective defenses. The court will hear testimony from witnesses, evaluate evidence, and make a decision based on the facts presented. The possible outcomes range from conviction to acquittal, depending on the strength of the prosecution’s case and the arguments presented by the defense.

Potential Sentencing and Legal Consequences

If either Jerry Alford or Dexter Moore is convicted of the murder of Dereke Alexander, they could face severe legal consequences. Sentencing will depend on various factors, including prior criminal history, the nature of the crime, and any mitigating circumstances presented during the trial. The court will make a determination based on these factors and impose a sentence within the guidelines of the law.


The murder of Dereke Alexander is a tragic event that has left a lasting impact on the community. The search for justice continues as the legal process unfolds. Jerry Alford and Dexter Moore, the primary suspects in the case, are awaiting trial and will have their day in court. Only time will tell what the ultimate outcome of this high-profile murder trial will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be any updates on the Dereke Alexander murder case?

Yes, as the trial proceeds and new developments arise, there will likely be updates on the Dereke Alexander murder case. Stay tuned to local news sources for the latest information.

2. When is the trial expected to begin?

The trial for Jerry Alford and Dexter Moore is anticipated to begin later this year. The exact date will be determined by the court’s schedule and legal proceedings.

3. How long do murder trials typically last?

The duration of a murder trial can vary depending on the complexity of the case, the number of witnesses, and other factors. Murder trials can last several weeks to several months.

4. What evidence links Jerry Alford and Dexter Moore to the murder of Dereke Alexander?

The specific evidence linking Jerry Alford and Dexter Moore to the murder of Dereke Alexander has not been disclosed to the public. During the trial, this information will be presented and evaluated.

5. What happens if Jerry Alford and Dexter Moore are found guilty?

If Jerry Alford and Dexter Moore are found guilty of the murder of Dereke Alexander, they could face severe legal consequences, including lengthy prison sentences. The court will determine their sentences based on the evidence and applicable laws.



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