James Wan Reveals How Fast And Furious Shaped His Approach to Family in Aquaman Sequel

Director James Wan, known for his work on the Aquaman franchise, recently shared a fascinating insight into how the Fast and Furious movies influenced his approach to exploring family dynamics in his films. Wan’s understanding of the importance of family is evident in his latest project, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Let’s delve into how the Fast and Furious franchise shaped Wan’s perspective on family and how it translates into the Aquaman sequel.

The Importance of Family in Film

Family is a recurring theme in many movies, as it resonates with audiences on a deep emotional level. From heartwarming moments to intense conflicts, exploring family relationships adds depth and relatability to storytelling. Wan acknowledges the significant impact that the Fast and Furious franchise had on his understanding of the importance of family in film.

Fast and Furious: A Lesson in Family

Wan directed Fast & Furious 7, and it left a lasting impression on him. The franchise’s emphasis on family values and the dynamics between its characters became a source of inspiration for Wan’s subsequent projects. He credits the Fast and Furious films, particularly the influence of actor Vin Diesel, for shaping his approach to incorporating family themes in his work.

Family Themes in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Wan integrates family elements to create a richer and more relatable narrative. The sequel continues the journey of Arthur Curry, played by Jason Momoa, as he embraces his role as king of Atlantis and becomes a father himself. These familial responsibilities present challenges and choices that Arthur must navigate.

Aquaman’s Evolution: From Wanderer to Family Man

In the first Aquaman film, Arthur was a wandering hero searching for his identity. However, in the sequel, he evolves into a family man, juggling his duties as a king with the demands of fatherhood. Wan emphasizes how these new familial responsibilities give Arthur a deeper sense of purpose and make the story more compelling.

The Struggles of Parenthood and Kingship

As Arthur faces the dual challenges of being a king and a parent, the audience witnesses the weight of his responsibilities. Wan masterfully portrays the internal struggle Arthur experiences as he tries to balance ruling over Atlantis, tackling political intricacies, and being present for his child. This multidimensional portrayal adds complexity to the character and engages the audience emotionally.

The Importance of Balancing Duty and Personal Life

Arthur’s journey in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom explores the delicate equilibrium between duty and personal life. Viewers witness his dedication to his kingdom, teamed with the everyday tasks and joys of being a father. Wan effectively conveys the challenges faced by Arthur, which humanizes the superhero and makes his story relatable to the audience.

Aquaman’s Collaboration with His Brother

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom also delves into the turbulent relationship between Arthur Curry and his half-brother, Orm, played by Patrick Wilson. Wan draws inspiration from iconic on-screen duos and describes their dynamic as a bromance, similar to Tango and Cash. This unique sibling relationship adds an extra layer of tension and sparks engaging interactions.

Striking a Balance Between Conflict and Camaraderie

Although the two brothers have conflicting goals and ideologies, Wan portrays their relationship with nuance. The ongoing bickering and banter between Arthur and Orm injects humor and excitement into the narrative. Simultaneously, Wan explores the human aspects of their characters, allowing audiences to connect with their struggles and aspirations.

The Power of Redemption and Family Unity

Amidst their conflicts, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom also explores themes of redemption and the potential for unity within a family. Arthur’s desire to mend his relationship with Orm showcases the transformative power of forgiveness and underscores the importance of familial bonds even in the most challenging of circumstances.


Inspired by his experience working on the Fast and Furious franchise, James Wan brings an engaging portrayal of family dynamics to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Through exploring the themes of parenthood, duty, and sibling relationships, Wan manages to create a more relatable and emotionally resonant story for audiences to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom a direct sequel to the first Aquaman movie?

Absolutely! Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom serves as a direct sequel to the initial Aquaman film, continuing the story of Arthur Curry as he navigates his role as king and delves deeper into his family relationships.

2. How does Aquaman’s journey in the sequel differ from the first film?

In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Arthur Curry matures as both a superhero and a person. He embraces fatherhood and grapples with the challenges of balancing being a king with his familial responsibilities, creating a more layered character arc.

3. Can viewers expect intense action sequences in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Definitely! James Wan is known for his ability to create thrilling and visually striking action sequences, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will not disappoint. Prepare for epic underwater battles, inventive use of powers, and breathtaking visuals.

4. Is the bromance between Arthur Curry and his brother, Orm, a central focus in the film?

Absolutely! The relationship between Arthur and Orm is a crucial aspect of the narrative. Their interactions add both humor and depth to the movie, showing the complexities of sibling dynamics and the potential for growth and unity.

5. Will Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom further explore the world of Atlantis?

Yes, the sequel will delve deeper into the vibrant and awe-inspiring underwater world of Atlantis. Audiences can expect to discover new realms, encounter fascinating creatures, and witness the breathtaking beauty of this fantastical kingdom.


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