E3 2016: Battlefield 1 Going To Feature Dynamic Weather, Airships, Armored Train and More

During EA’s conference at E3 2016, they’ve revealed more details about the Battlefield 1. Its going to feature an armored train, a huge airship and much more cool stuff!

Dynamic Weather:

Battlefield 1 will feature dynamic weather system, meaning the there will be a proper weather change during the gameplay.

“Behemoth” Vehicles:

According to EA, Battlefield 1 is going to feature the largest vehicles ever in Battlefield. That’s right, BF1 is going to feature derivable Airship, Armored Train and more.


Battlefield 1 is going to feature more destruction than ever! You’re gonna see huge blimps crashing over the map live!


Battlefield 1 will feature artillery, stationed on the map. The player can use it to cause some KABOOM kills.

Airplanes & Horses:

Battlefield 1 will feature world war 1 style airplanes and horses, giving the player more flexibility in ground and air combat.



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