Updated Apple App Store Coming With New Design And New Features

Apple App Store

Apple recently released the new iOS 10. The iOS 10 is still a beta version but its final version is coming pretty soon. Apple has made quite an impression with its new iOS 10 lock screen. You will see all your notifications on the lock screen so you don’t need to enter a password or even unlock the phone. 3D touch is also a great feature but it doesn’t work on older iPhones and iPads. Apple is currently focusing on its newer smartphones. iPhone 7 will also be equipped with the 3D touch feature and at that time (when the iPhone 7 releases) iOS 10’s final version will probably be available.

In iOS 10 beta version, there is an interesting feature that allows you to delete pre-installed applications. You can even uninstall the pre-installed maps and contacts app. But that’s not enough. Only user data is deleted during the uninstallation process of the pre-installed applications. This can help to free up some space. The pre-installed applications that got uninstalled remain hidden.

Apple also added a new feature known as “Home” that allows users to control Home-kit compatible appliances. It uses the 3D touch feature as shortcuts for doing certain things like leveling down the lights or locking the door.

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Another feature of iOS 10 beta is “QuickType”. It supports multiple languages at one time. You can select your languages from settings.  In addition to this, it will also help you to locate your precise location and share it with your friends or family. Apple also introduced a new emoji feature in messages. This new feature will scan your words and suggest emojis for it. On top of that, you can send images with low-quality to save cellular data..

Apple App Store

Apple is working on their new iOS 10 App Store update. The new updated App Store will come with new recommendation feature which suggests different applications according to the previous purchases made by the user. The suggested products will be listed in the “For You” tab. This new feature also works with Apple music and Apple news. The current App Store also give suggestions but it is not much accurate and you can’t personalize it. The new App Store is expected to come with the final version of the iOS 10.

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