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You don’t hear GAMDIAS that often, do you? GAMDIAS is a brand based in Taiwan that recently gained recognition for it’s peripherals. Today, GAMDIAS has a large lineup of audio equipment, mice and keyboard aimed at gamers.

GAMDIAS recently gave us the chance to review their ZEUS P1 Gaming Mouse that comes with a 12,000 DPI sensor, RGB lighting with full customizability in HERA, and an ergonomic design for right-handed users. Priced at just $49 in the US and RM249 in Malaysia, the P1 RGB from GAMDIAS is taking on the likes of Razer, Corsair, Logitech and many more. So is the mouse worth $49/ MYR 249? Let’s find out!

01| The Unboxing Experience & Design

This means business!

The ZEUS P1 is packaged very well. Cracking open the box reveals nothing except the mouse and a User Manual. Pulling the mouse out of the package gave us our first actual impressions of the mouse.

We found that the GAMDIAS ZEUS P1 actually looks better than it does in pictures. We’ve been using the Armageddon NRO-5 Starship III for more than a while now and making the transition to this mouse never felt awkward being a right-handed user.

Despite being marketed as an ergonomic mouse, GAMDIAS really seems to be favoring right-hand users thanks to the indent on the left side of the mouse that allows right hand users to comfortably keep the mouse gripped.

Around the mouse, you’ll find 8-buttons, a single right and left-click, a scroll wheel click, two DPI buttons, an additional button south of the DPI buttons and two buttons on the left side of the mouse. This is also the area where you’ll find the triangular classic GAMDIAS logo.

On the right of the mouse, you’ll find nothing except for a smooth grip without any indentations.

At the bottom of the mouse, you’ll find an excellent quad pair of foot-pads for the mouse, your serial number and a few more details regarding the mouse.

Lighting zones can be found on the scroll wheel of the mouse, the top portion of the mouse with the GAMDIAS logo and a single strip stretching from the right-side of the mouse going towards the left-side of the mouse.

The lighting zones and button mapping could be extensively done in GAMDIAS’s HERA software.

02| Build Quality

Excellent Build, -1

The build quality of the mouse is is great. It’s made of plastic but has a few quirks in the build quality department. Let’s discuss the single quirk we found first.

The DPI switching area on the mouse is very flimsy. This includes the three DPI buttons on the mouse. While they may be flimsy, they are far from breaking anytime soon.

On the flip side, the rest of the build quality is great! The construction feels solid with an excellent foundation at the bottom of the mouse. We haven’t encountered even the slightest flex or creek on the mouse. That goes for the top and bottom portion of the mouse.

Rubber grips are present on both sides of the mouse. Right-handed users are going to be satisfied with the grip of the mouse, even in tense gaming situations.

How about the cable?

The Zeus P1 comes with a 1.8m braided cable with gold-plated connectors at the front of the USB for better connections and endurance.

1.8m should be long enough for many PC users is plenty is most situations. On top of that, since the cables are braided, we could see these cables lasting for more than a while before the first signs of fraying start showing up.

04| Gaming & General User Experience

Gaming with the Zeus P1

Gaming with the ZEUS P1 was no issue. Thanks to the great foot-pads, the mouse glided very well on our mouse pad. Changing DPI’s in game wasn’t an issue at all. We found ourselves using the DPI buttons much more often while playing FPS games, in our case, CS:GO. We oftenly found ourselves sticking to low DPIs until we transitioned into sniping.

Under Windows Usage

Under Windows, as usual the mouse runs great. We found ourselves immediately bumping up the DPI in Windows/Productivity environments. Since we have many displays killing the pixel numbers, having high DPI mice actually make sense in many scenarios nowadays.

While browsers, as usual, we were had no issues using the two buttons on the left side side of the mouse to navigate through pages. The scroll wheel also served justice here providing a great experience. No issues so far. However, we did note that the scroll wheel on the ZEUS P1 was a bit taller and a tad bit stiffer. However, using the scroll wheel also turned out to be great.

05| Pricing & Conclusion

The GAMDIAS ZEUS P1 RGB could be found for $49/ MYR RM249 at online retailers. Given how well the mouse actually performs, we think that due to the length of the mouse, the mouse really feels comfortable and should suit palm grip users very well complimenting the rubber grips on both sides.

Clicky-ness was a tad bit muted compared to our Armageddon NRO 5 Starship 3 that uses OMRON switches. However, that’s just picking out the bits.

In our opinion, the mouse is well priced and should server many FPS players as an excellent mouse overall. If the price is reduced even further, the ZEUS P1 is an amazing option and is not behind the major competition. A great mouse indeed!

We would like to award this product our Silver Award! An excellent product, indeed!