Microsoft’s Counter to PS4 Neo – The Xbox Two

Microsoft's Counter to PS4 Neo - The Xbox Two 1
Sony is developing a 4K capable console, the PS4 Neo. Which is going to be possibly releasing in 2016. So, to keep up with Sony, Microsoft is possibly making the Xbox Two, which is also a 4K/VR capable console.

What does Phil Spencer has to say about the Xbox Two?

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox Division, has confirmed that a new Xbox will indeed come. He hasn’t talked about what the Xbox Two will have to offer, but he did spice up the fans by saying that he respects the feelings of Xbox Console customers and he won’t let them down.

It is also possible that the Xbox Two will arrive before PlayStation. This strategy has worked for Microsoft in the Xbox 360 days too, as the 360 arrived almost a year earlier than its Sony rival, it gained huge success.

4K/VR Capability:

This is expected. To compete with the PS4 Neo and the PC, the Xbox Two is going to offer 4K gaming experience. However, VR is a possibility. As the coming years are going to be big for VR, if the Xbox Two comes in the time when VR is at peak, it could feature VR capability too. This could take the console from the ground to the skies.

Better hardware and backwards compatible:

The Xbox Two is going to be a major overhaul of the Xbox One. It is going to be using an AMD chipset so it is going to be compatible with Xbox One games out of the box. Reports suggest that the Xbox Two is going to have 10 TFLOPs of computing performance.

Connection with PCs (Windows 10):

The Xbox Two may have some technology with which it can be paired with a Windows 10 PC. This can give the Xbox Two some good flexibility and features.

SSD Support:

The Xbox Two could feature a Solid State Drive (SSD) too, for very fast loading times. All this will be done while maintaining the sleek look and form-factor of the Xbox consoles.

What about Xbox 1.5?

No. Although there are reports indicating the existence of a PlayStation 4.5, the Xbox 1.5 isn’t going to come. The company has shown no interest in Xbox 1.5. So, it is going to be a full major console, the Xbox Two.

More details about the Xbox Two will be out as the time goes by. Let’s see what Microsoft is going to do this year.




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