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MSI GP62-2QE Gaming Laptop Review: Worth it?

04| Battery Life


Battery life is crucial for any laptop and MSI has just failed to impress me here. Okay yes I understand there are limitations to laptops but here’s my first concern anyways, why have a Gaming Laptop that couldn’t last you 2-3 hours? First of all, the battery life of the MSI GP62-2QE is just okay. Watching Youtube videos only on Power Saving mode resulted in a battery decrease from 88% to 10% in 1 hour and a 32 minutes! Playing BF4 Multiplayer depleted the battery from 100% to 10% in 45 minutes.

05| User Experience & Conclusion

This was the first Gaming Laptop I’ve ever experience. MSI really nailed a lot of core features such as the design, the keyboard layout, good speakers, lots of USB ports and decent performance on the go! The thing MSI really needs to look hard on is the laptop’s battery life and build materials. Though for RM3599 its not a bad laptop overall. Would I recommend this laptop? I wouldn’t really recommend this laptop unless you really need to have a gaming machine on the go.

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