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The Nvidia R.O.N AI-Assistant Is Nvidia’s New April Fools Joke

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Oh boy, April has begun, so have the fools and trolls. Within minutes, Nvidia has released a troll-some video announcing their new AI-assistant dubbed as RON.

And while RON may be a fad for now, it definitely seems to be an interesting concept to say the least. RON is said to be an AI assistant that keeps track of your gameplay, keeps your games optimized, takes on online trools, keeps you updated with the latest gaming news, and more.

Furthermore, the design of the RON features a hologram on top of the device, which may most likely never be a thing even in the next few years. Overall, we’re personally stoked to see the RON become a reality if it may ever be.

As Nvidia continues to go hand-in-hand with AI, we won’t be shocked to see if Nvidia comes out of the blue and suddenly released a RON-like virtual assistant that sits on your desk. Competition is fierce, with reports suggesting Amazon and Google battling trading blows for the first place. in the smart speaker market. And then thinking of Nvidia’s sideline launches, the Nvidia Shield hasn’t been updated for a while, so Nvidia better be cooking brewing some new crazy device by now. I mean, does anyone remember Razer’s RGB-enabled mug holder from two years ago.

Since this is just the beginning, we can’t wait to see what other brands come up with today to commemorate April Fools.


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