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3 Ways How Microsoft’s Huge Ecosystem of Xbox & PC Gamers are in a dominating situation right now, Where’s Sony?

Whoa 2016 will be among the years we will remember. This is the year of war between companies instead of consumers. Microsoft’s Windows has always been home to a PC Gamer. Even though Steam OS exists, PC Gamers still prefer Windows after all for its flexibility. Microsoft has been teasing gamers for months now about being able to play Xbox titles on PC. This is huge news for gamers, especially PC gamers since one of the reason that Xbox Users has was “Exclusives”.  Since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft is doing everything to pull users from old Operating Systems such as Windows 7 and XP. Microsoft has taken a few steps to force users to upgrade their OS.

01| Microsoft’s biggest steps to promote gaming


Microsoft has taken three major steps in doing so;

  • First, Providing free Windows 10 upgrade for genuine Windows 7 and newer OS users for the first year since the launch of Windows 10
  • Second, DX12 is exclusive to Windows 10, this means a huge lot for PC Gamers
  • Lastly “Xbox Play Anywhere”, which will allow PC Gamers to play eligible titles on PC and Xbox for the price of buying one.

02| Microsoft’s “Xbox Play Anywhere” unites PC and Xbox Games


For PC Gamers, these features mean a lot. Microsoft’s Windows 10 user install base is increasing everyday. Moreover, at Xbox’s E3 Event last week, Microsoft showcased a huge collection of games that are Xbox Play Anywhere eligible and will come to Windows 10. This includes the all-new Forza Horizon 3, Recore, Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2 and a lot more. Windows 10 users will be able to play these Xbox titiles on their PCs, the same goes for Xbox users. Simply purchasing any of these eligible games on any platform, be it Xbox One or PC, will allow you to play on both platforms and continue your progress on both platforms, that’s a huge life saver for many.

At the moment Xbox titles that are available for the PC, are available at the Windows Store. Phil Spencer also confirmed that they are willing to distribute some games on Steam. Though, not everything goes so flawless with Microsoft. Many gamers who bought Gears of War or Quantum Break from the Windows Store complained about performance issues on decent graphics cards. If Microsoft wants to really unify Xbox and PC, then they’ll need to look into performance issues.

03| Big upgrades in performance are coming

3 Ways How Microsoft's Huge Ecosystem of Xbox & PC Gamers are in a dominating situation right now, Where's Sony? 2

Second up, for the consumer, big upgrades in performance are coming. There’s a huge leap in performance, both on the PC and Xbox One with the latest Xbox One S featuring 6TFLOPS of power translating into 4k gaming according to Microsoft, well let’s just take that as a pinch of salt. But making such a statement is impressive.

maxresdefault (1)

As of PC Gamers, Pascal and AMD’s new Polaris GPUs and Zen CPUs are introducing huge leaps in performance in the price/performance department. Nvidia’s new Pascal GTX 1080 promised to bring the power of two GTX 980s in SLI into one GPU only for the cost of $699. That was the price of one GTX 980 just a few weeks ago. From the AMD TEAM they are really showing off their new RX480 which features premium VR to the masses for only $199! Speculating the specs, we could expect this card to run games at 1440p above 30FPS. But AMD is yet to show off the RX490, the ultimate beast, stay tuned for news about that.

Okay so let’s be honest, what’s Microsoft’s benefit here?

Well to be quite sure, they seem dedicated to this plan but why not take benefit from this? By doing this they could get quite a slice of PC users on Windows 10 and possibly satisfy users to actually buy a copy of Windows 10. Second, Xbox users will quite likely stick to their existing Xbox and may lure some Playstation users.

Think about it, Microsoft has hold of a huge number gamers when you combine PC Gamers and Xbox Gamers, in my option they are taking a great chance to keep hold of those gamers instead of users moving to the PS4. Allowing to buy one game and play it on Xbox One or PC and continue your progress from anywhere is a killer deal for many gamers. This is what they might not get with Sony Consoles. I am sure there are other reasons too which are compelling Microsoft to unite PC Gamers and Xbox Gamers which we may not know of.

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